Begode (Gotway) Tesla T3 (V3) 1500WH Electric Unicycle

£1,124.17 - £1,249.17 ex. VAT
£1,349.00 - £1,499.00 inc. VAT

* VAT applies to UK customers only

The third generation Begode (Gotway) Tesla (T3) half e-bike monowheel now comes with a refined motor, Bigger battery and an integrated back light.

A great city wheel.

  • 1500wh battery (50% more that Tesla 2)
  • Integrated backlight
  • LCD Screen
  • 22kg weight
  • In shell Integrated trolley handle



Up to 50% More Range

The Tesla 3 (T3) now comes with 50% more range that the Tesla 2. While only increasing from 19kg to 22kg. A perfect wheel for integrating with public transportation but still have the range as an all mile electric rideable.

Begode Tesla V3 electric unicycle

Integrated Backlight

A new addition to the Tesla is the integrated backlight. Something that has been missing with the previous two generation of Teslas.

Begode Tesla V3 electric unicycle Backlight

Iconic design

Just like the Porsche 911, why change a design that has worked so well? The iconic Tesla design is carried over to this third generation.

Begode (Gotway) tesla v3 side profile
Begode (Gotway) Tesla T3 sold at e-RIDES.COM

Begode (Gotway) Tesla T3 sold at e-RIDES.COM


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