Begode MASTER Suspension Electric Unicycle 134V

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This is the Pre-Order page for the fastest Electric Unicycle in 2022, the Begode Master.

The Begode Master is the first electric unicycle without compromises. It has Torque for climbing steep hills, more speed than you need to keep up with traffic, very good suspension to smooth out rough surfaces, and it has the Begode ride feel. Frankly this is without a doubt is one of, if not the best all round electric unicycle ever manufactured.

Specification :

  • 134V
  • Battery Options

– 2400wh Samsung 50E

– 1900wh Samsung 40T

  • 55+ MPH

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Demo now available at e-RIDES London Headquarter, to book a test ride please email

**The Master is for advanced riders and thrill seeking speedsters.**

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Quick Specs

No Load Speed

65 MPH

Full Charge Time

5 Hours

Max Range

55 Miles


36 KG

Begode Master: First 55mph Electric Unicycle

Begode Master TearDown

Begode Master: Suspension Test

About the Master:

The Master is Begode's answer to the challenge posed to its performance thrown from Inmotion and Veteran.
This is Begode's first voltage jump since 2019, from the immensely popular MSX 100v 1230wh days. Begode (Formally known as Gotway) has always been known for being the most innovative, most cutting edge of the all the Electric Unicycle manufacturers when it comes to performance, and the go to brand for thrill seeking speed freaks.

The Master will have the highest voltage of all the current crop of Electric Unicycle in 2022, with 134v. But what does this mean? Well higher voltage means higher speeds, and the Master is the first EUC with the potential to reach 60mph+ with a C38 high torque motor, which means acceleration is also not lacking.

The Begode Master also comes with suspension, to help smoothen rough surfaces when riding at speeds. However the most important aspect of the Begode Master's specification is that it comes with a Begode first, a better protection BMS (Battery Management System) with temperature monitoring and alarm to ensure the users are alerted if there is a problem with the battery packs.

Master3 2048x2048 1 800x800

Begode Master Battery Options

The company Begode, the manufacturer of the Begode Master electric unicycle, have offered a number of battery options to distributors. We at e- have opted for the three battery options below, for now.

Battery Choices for Begode Master: Samsung 50E

Li -Tech assembled Samsung 50E:  We expect this option to be the most popular, as it is more than sufficient for most riders needs for performance and range.

Riders that want range.
This option comes with 2400wh battery capacity.

Samsung Inr 21700 50e 9.8a 5000mah Battery

Battery Choices for Begode Master: Samsung 40T

Li-Tech assembled Samsung 40T: This battery option supplies a high continuous electric current discharge to the motor, allowing for increased performance and less stress on the battery cells during hard acceleration.

This battery capacity is 1900wh.

Samsung 40t



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