Begode Suspension EX20S HT C38 3600wh 100v 3000w (London+30mi: 120£ delivery customs included, extra country-wide)


Begode Suspension EX20S HT

Price: 1580£ (+85£ for over 250£ worth of extras/spares)

Brand: Begode

Model: EX20S HT C38 3600wh 100v 3000w


– Very good condition, never crashed.

– I replaced the suspension to a newer version with the Begode logo, that keeps air for longer (the other one lost some air after about 4 days, not a big issue having a good pump).

– Replaced 10a charging fuse for 15a fuse to be able to use the 10a fast charger I already owned, in long range adventures (used it for about 5-6 charges only, not many long range trips done, just 2-3).

– Protection silicone tape on battery box to protect it in case of an accident, never happened yet. Corner bumpers fell off due to not ideal soluble side tape and dust, I didn’t replace them properly due to no real need, but I have them still.

– I once lost one suspension linkage screw that fell down due to being loose and replaced it using threadlocker.

– Other than that all perfect since it was new, had no problems.

– When not in use I aim to keep it at about 80% battery charge, to extend battery life. Charging to full the day before a long ride for cells rebalancing.

Mileage : 3760km, 2340mi (Jun/Jul 2023, I’m using V13 now).

Additional information:

Extras (included in price): (+300€ worth of extras available. All together for free with the wheel), 10a fast charger not included, already sold.

Used spare suspension that looses some pressure after about 4 days.

Extra 300psi pump that can do both tire and suspension, better, smaller and doesn’t loose air when unplugging – (this shock only needs 160psi for it not to bottom out with me, 80kg load).

2x pairs of original lower side pads, both pairs brand new

10a 100v 1000w fast charger 220v EU plug, modified with a silent fan, original fan included as spare, non adjustable amps/%

1x Spare charging hub electronic board, not exact same as on the wheel for some reason, but compatible, I’ve been told

Spare 15a charging fuses

Spare suspension linkage screws/washers

2x spares of the suspension rod that broke on GoGeorgeGo’s EX20S as per a YouTube video he made, I bought just in case, but never needed it.

Payment methods accepted:

– Bank Transfer, N26, Revolut, Wise, PayPal.

– PayPal buyer protection also accepted if buyer has good proven reputation (to avoid buyer claim scams). Buyer protection fee to be paid by the buyer.

Reason for sale: I got the Inmotion V13. I wanted something newer, as always, with the excuse being that I want better build quality, speed, APP Smart BMS and safe 14a126v charging speed

Charger has EU wall plug.

If there’s anything extra you would like to know, write me on email:

Faro, Portugal
Item is located in Faro, Portugal. I can ship it in original box anywhere in EU or UK (if UK, 120£ on 30mi radius from London, extra elsewhere, customs and all included). Shipping cost at buyers expense.
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Jean Jose Garcia Molina
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Faro, Portugal
EUC Enthusiast and Community leader in Ireland and Algarve, Portugal.