Electric Unicycle Honeycomb Spike Pedals – e-RIDES(ERIDES) Pedals – ‘Wolverine’

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This is the e-RIDES Honey comb removable pedals, code name wolverine. The e-RIDES two piece Honeycomb spike pedals are made out of 6061 aluminium, the same alloy material used by Apple for iphones. The e-RIDES honey comb pedals are CNC cut, adjustable incline with heel and toe assist

Weight is 1.75kg for all models except for Kingsong S22 (2.1kg)

Note: Sherman model can be used with older Begode wheels that does not have the Pedal drop prevention 


  • Two Piece design, swap out the top design while keeping the Connectors
  • Angle Incline (**Excluding Inmotion and Kingsong S22)**
  • Comes with front and back lifts, for better acceleration and braking assist
  • Removable Spikes





Adjustable Incline

Adjust the pedal angle for a more sporty feel. **(Excluding Inmotion)**

Img 4973

Removable- Slip Proof Spikes

With the spikes pedals, you maintain a continuous contact with the pedals. Slip Proof, removable spikes

Img 4974

One size fits all - Two Piece

With its unique two piece design, comes with pedal connectors for each Electric unicycle manufacturer and model.

e-RIDES electric unicycle Spike HONEY COMB spike PEDALS, wolverine


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