Electric Unicycle Honeycomb Spike Pedals – (ERIDES) Pedals – LAW NOIR – Limited Edition

£190.83 - £199.17 ex. VAT
£229.00 - £239.00 inc. VAT


This is the e-RIDES Honey comb removable pedals, code name Noir (French for Black).  This is the black pedals with the black Lifts (Heel and Toe) version similar to the Iron man pedals.

The e-RIDES two piece Honeycomb spike pedals are made out of 6061 aluminium, the same alloy material like the ones used by Apple for iphones. The e-RIDES honey comb pedals are CNC cut, adjustable incline with heel and toe assist.

These pedals comes with connectors for S18, S22, Sherman/Sherman Max, Old begode, Inmotion V11/V12, New Begode, (with the pedal flop prevention grub screw)

Weight is Roughly 1.75kg for all models except for Kingsong S22 (2.1kg)

Dimension: Length 26.5cm, Width 11cm


  • Two Piece design, swap out the top design while keeping the Connectors
  • Angle Incline adjustment (**Excluding Inmotion)**
  • Comes with front and back lifts, for better acceleration and brake assist
  • Removable Spikes

Note: Sherman model can be used with older Begode wheels that does not have the Pedal drop prevention 

Click here to add additional heel and toe lifts of different colours

Click here to add Titanium Rods to your pedals


Adjustable Incline

Adjust the pedal angle for a more sporty feel.

Ironman electric unicycle pedals from e-RIDES adjustable

Removable- Slip Proof Spikes

With the spikes pedals, you maintain a continuous contact with the pedals. Slip Proof, removable spikes

Ironman electric unicycle pedals from e-RIDES

One size fits all - Two Piece

With its unique two piece design, comes with pedals connectors for each Electric unicycle manufacturer and model.

Ironman electric unicycle pedals from e-RIDES FRONT

The inside scoop on the e-RIDES Pedals


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