Begode (Gotway) EX Electric Unicycle

£2,165.83 - £2,332.50 ex. VAT
£2,599.00 - £2,799.00 inc. VAT


* VAT applies to UK customers only

Specification Highlights:

  • Hollow Motor
  • Under handle lift cut off switch
  • Large pedals as standard
  • 3500w nominal motor power
  • 2700WH battery

Quick Specs

No Load Speed

53 MPH

Full Charge Time

8 Hours

Max Range

90 Miles

Max Load

130 KG


38 KG

Begode's (Gotway) suspension answer to the competition

This is the Gotway (Begode)EX sold by, and Gotway's answer to the Inmotion V11 and the Kingsong s18 suspension wheels.

Gotway Begode EX electric unicycle

The performance suspension wheel

Gotway (Begode) has brought their performance heritage to the suspension wheel market with the EX, adding a powerful motor and large battery, thus creating the fastest long range suspension electric unicycle to date, but it is the heaviest of all the suspension wheels.

Begode Gotway EX Electric Unicycle suspension

The purpose of the EX

While the other suspension wheels are set up for a mix of road and trails, the EX is a pure street suspension wheel designed for advanced riders that want the compliance a suspension wheel brings, but with the added speed and range of the top performance wheels. The EX is also ideal for mix trail surfaces and climbing steep hills due to having one of if not the most powerful motor fitted to an Electric Unicycle (eWheel)

Begode (Gotway) EX Electric Unicycle seat

Recommended For

For advanced Electric Unicycle riders that wants range and performance with a more supple ride on the streets.

Which Suspension Electric Unicycle is Best? Kingsong S18 VS Inmotion V11 VS Gotway EX Showdown | evX

Gotway EX - Road Test


Dimension: H=615mm, L=510mm, W=460mm
Dimension(footrests folded): H=615mm, L=510mm, W=460mm
Wheel diameter: 508mm
Footrest height: 190mm
Trolley Height: 910mm
Rough weight: 43kg
Net weight: 38kg
Non load speed: 86km/h
Range: 150-230km (70kg rider at 20km/h)
Max load: 130kg
Motor type: Hollow motor
Motor power: 3500w nominal
Battery: 2700wh/100V
Battery type: LG M50T 21700
Charger: 100v, 3A
Charging port: up to 20A
Headlight: 6000Lumen
Suspension: Dual Air-spring suspension
Bluetooth Speakers: YES


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