Begode (Gotway) Monster Pro Electric Unicycle with new black board

£2,165.83 - £2,375.00 ex. VAT
£2,599.00 - £2,850.00 inc. VAT


* VAT applies to UK customers only

The Monster Pro, also known as a half e-bike motorwheel, sold by, is Begode’s answer to every Electric Unicycle(EUC) manufacturer that ever tries to challenge Begode’s EUC performance superiority. Now comes with the new and improved black mainboard.

Specification Highlights:

  • Hollow Motor
  • Under handle lift cut off switch
  • Large pedals as standard
  • 3500w nominal motor power
  • 3600WH battery
  • Double/Dual charging port

Quick Specs

No Load Speed

61 MPH

Full Charge Time

8 Hours

Max Range

124 Miles

Max Load

130 KG


45 KG

The Biggest Electric Unicycle

The Monster Pro is a statement of intent from Begode to continue its dominance and reputation as the most performance focused EUC manufacturer.

Gotway(Begode) Monster Pro Electric Unicycle

Godzilla: Bigger is better

With a 24inch tire diameter, 3600wh, 106km (62MPH) free spin speed, two charge port for 20amp charge rate, and weighs 45KG. Everything about the Monster Pro (AKA Godzilla) is record breaking.

Gotway(Begode) Monster Pro Electric Unicycle tire

The Outlier

The Monster Pro is not trying to be subtle, in fact it challenges the status quo of the essence of what an ideal Electric Unicycle (EUC) should be. No amount of accolades can truly justify how earth shattering the Monster Pro is to the EUC community.

Gotway(Begode) Monster Pro Electric Unicycle back profile

Dialed to 11

Some may ask, do you really need an EUC to be so big and so fast? The answer is, Yes/No in equal measures. Just as the question has been asked if a Bugatti Chiron needs to be able to go 304mph? No, but we need cars like the Bugatti Chiron to help push the boundaries of what is possible in motor engineering, safely. The Monster Pro does not conform to the stereotypical description of an everyday EUC, like the Chiron is not supposed to be a car for the common folks, it's an engineering statement. The Monster Pro is to the EUC industry, like the Chiron is to the car industry. Everything is dialed to 11.

Gotway(Begode) Monster Pro Electric Unicycle volt meter

Recommended for

The absolute experienced riders, due to its speed, power and weight.

Gotway(Begode) Monster Pro Electric Unicycle

The Biggest, Fastest and Heaviest Electric Unicycle - Begode Monster Pro Initial Impression

Motor:nominal: 3500w
Tire: 24”
Batt: 3600wh 100v.
Dimensions: H=680mm, L=610mm, W=500mm
Dimensions(footrests folded): W=680mm, L=610mm, W=260mm
Footrest height: 165mm
Wheel diameter: 610mm
Rough weight: 45kg
Net Weight: 40kg
Non load speed: 106km/h
Cruising range on 20km/h (70kg rider): 200km
Max load: 130kg
Battery type: LG M50T 21700
Charger: 100V 3A (double charging port)
USB: 2A output
Main board overheat alarm:>, urgent beeps from the wheel, footrests start lifting backwards 80C
Charging port: 20A Double charging port
Anti spin function: Yes
Bluetooth Speaker: Yes


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