Begode (Gotway) Nikola Plus (100v 21700 Cells) Electric Unicycle

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As featured on BBC Dragons Den

Specification Highlights

  • Size: 17 inch
  • Voltage: 100.8 v
  • Cruising Range: 160km (70kg 20km/h)
  • Max Speed: 66kmph
  • Max Load: 130 kg
  • Power: 2000w
  • Battery: 1800wh
  • Battery Type: 21700 cells
  • Tire Width: 3.0 inch
  • Colour: Black



Quick Specs

No Load Speed

52 MPH

Full Charge Time

6 Hours

Max Range

55 Miles

Max Load

100 KG


26 KG

The Fastest 16in wheel

The Gotway Nikola Plus, sold by, is a high performance Electric Unicycle(EUC) that also manages to keep the level of portability that is associated with smaller wheels.
Normally with smaller diameter EUCs, you get maneuverability but lose high speed stability.
This is where the Gotway (Begode) Nikola Plus really shines, for a 16inch diameter wheel (which is in fact a 17inch) with its 3inch wide tire, you get maneuverability at low speeds and high speeds stability.

Begode Gotway Nikola Plus (100v 21700 Cells) Electric Unicycle

The Look

The looks of the Gotway (Begode) Nikola Plus can be divisive, some absolutely like the way it looks, especially the side lights, which looks beautiful at night (the red ring is our favourite).

Begode Gotway Nikola Plus (100v 21700 Cells) Electric Unicycle

Performance and small diameter wheel

The Gotway Nikola Plus blurs the line between fast performance electric unicycle, which are traditionally 18inch diameter and over, and smaller diameter wheels which have torque but lack the top end speed.

Begode Gotway Nikola Plus (100v 21700 Cells) Electric Unicycle back view

Recommended For

Mid Level experienced EUC rider that want a long range performance electric unicycle with portability.

Begode Gotway Nikola Plus (100v 21700 Cells) Electric Unicycle front light

Nikola Plus 100v: Review

Afeez Kay Reviews the Nikola Plus 100v

Dimension L*W*H=490mm*400mm*590mm
Dimension(footrests folded) L*W*H=490mm*200mm*590mm
Wheel diameter 432mm
Footrest height 145mm
Net Weight 27kg
Safe cruising speed 20km/h
Cruising range 100-160km in real test(70kg rider at 20km/h)
Max climbing 20°in real test(90kg rider)
Max load 100kg
Motor 1900W
Battery 1845wh
Battery Panasonic
Charger 100V/3A
Charging duration 4-6h
Over speed alarm 30km/h ,2beeps/sec;
Incline alarm Automatically shut off to protect rider when wheel is leaning at 35° from forward to backward direction,45° from left and right direction
Speed alarm First class alarm: 2 beeps/sec
Second class alarm: 3beeps/sec
80% motor output, 5 beeps/sec
Other alarm low voltage, <7.2km/h, 2 beeps/sec
low voltage,>7.2km/h,2beeps/2 sec
low voltage, >14.4km/h, 3 beeps/2 sec
 hall malfunction, 2 beeps per 0.5 sec
PCB overheat, 2 beeps(short)
extreme low voltage, 1 beep/sec, totally 5 beeps
fall down, 1 beep/sec, totally 5 beeps
over voltage, 3 beeps/2sec
Main board overheat alarm Main board temperature>66℃,urgent beeps from the wheel,footrests start lifting backward.
Special feature
Calibration Use APP ,to set horizontal level or any footrest angle at your choice
USB 2A output
Charging port 20A short circuit protection
Headlight 500~1200 lumen
Lift stop The motor will stop when you hold the handle lift of the wheel
Bluetooth Speaker Use mobile phone connect the bluetooth play music
One charger,one Gotway
Colour available


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