Begode (Gotway) RS19 Electric Unicycle with LCD screen, Honeycomb Pedals – C38 HIGH TORQUE

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£2,199.00 - £2,245.00 inc. VAT

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Comes with Free HoneyComb pedals worth £179 and knobby tyre

The Begode (Gotway) RS19 electric unicycle is the latest iteration of the Gotway MSuper Pro. For many electric unicycle riders, the Gotway MSuper Pro is considered the prime and top-performance electric unicycle series in the market. 

The Begode (Gotway) RS19 electric unicycle is distinctive for a few reasons. It features a hollow motor. Its 2600w motor integrates a hollow design that allows thicker gauge power cables, producing more powerful units than its predecessors. 

The Begode (Gotway) RS19 electric unicycle rides effortlessly, fluidly and quietly. The High Torque version produces unmatched degrees of acceleration and braking and will travel up to 35 mph. Comes with New Mudguard.

Finance options are available to purchase your Begode RS19 Electric Unicycle with

  • 1 year option
  • 2 years Option

As featured on BBC Dragons Den

Specification Highlights:

  • Improved Hollow Motor
  • Improved Black mainboard
  • New LCD Screen
  • Under handle lift cut off switch
  • Large pedals as standard
  • Comes in Torque or Speed version (Refer to spec sheet pic for stats)
  • 2600w nominal motor power
  • 1800WH battery
  • Double charging port
  • Backed by the e-RIDES top Support and Service



Quick Specs

No Load Speed

60 MPH

Full Charge Time

6 Hours

Max Range

60 Miles

Max Load

130 KG


27 KG


TThe Begode (Gotway) RS19 electric unicycle is the upgrade to the Gotway MSP. It comes with an industry-first hollow motor. This new motor design integrates a thicker wire motor which allows the motor to run cooler.
The Begode (Gotway) RS19 electric unicycle is the newest iteration of the MSuper series. It comes in two different options: High Speed (great all-round acceleration and power delivery); and High Torque (great for climbing hills).

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The Begode (Gotway) RS19 electric unicycle comes with some much-needed enhancements, such as the dual charging ports for even taster charging times, atmospheric lights for better visibility, better placement of the motor lift sensor and improved side pads for better ride control.

Image 01 03 22 12 05 3


Where looks are concerned, the Begode (Gotway) RS19 electric unicycle is a mature innovation. It is developed with a ‘Function over Form’ philosophy design concept.
It shares a similar design philosophy with the Porsche 911. What was once described as a bad design, with its engine slung way back with a less than ideal 50/50 weight distribution is now regarded as one of the best sports cars ever created. The same can be said of the Gotway RS19 electric unicycle. While it has not yet made the same evolutionary journey as the Porsche 911, one can see the progression.
The Gotway RS19 electric unicycle is the best iteration yet.

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There are faster wheels out there that have more power and longer range, such as the Veteran Sherman or the Gotway Monster Pro. However, the Gotway RS19 electric unicycle manages to find the sweet spot for EUC riding dynamics and performance.

Image 01 03 22 12 05


Mid to advanced Electric Unicycle riders that want to enjoy both performance and agility.

Whatsapp Image 2022 03 01 At 10.41.22

New Mudguard Design

New design with better coverage

RS19 electric unicycle mudguards

Afeez Kay: Initial impression of the Gotway (Begode) RS19

Dimension H= 560mm ,L =490mm,W =440mm
Dimension(footrests folded) H=560mm ,L=490 mm,W=24mm
Wheel diameter 482mm
Footrest height 165mm
Trolley height 930mm
Weight 27kg
No-load speed (torque motor C38) 79km/h
No-load speed (high speed motor C30) 97km/h
Max load 130kg
Motor type Hollow motor
Motor power 2600W
Battery power 1800wh/100v
Battery LG M50T 21700
Charger 100V/3A
Charging duration 6h
Charging port Dual charging ports, 20A short circuit protection
Headlight 100~6000 lumen
Bluetooth Speaker YES


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