INDIK8A: Indicator turn signal lights Left and Right (A Pair)

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Indicating Innovation

The Indicator turn signal lights by Indik8a sold at This clever hand light takes indicating to a new level. Lightweight and easy to use, Indik8a lets you signal with certainty, with one press of your thumb. The smarter way to be seen.


Attach your Indik8a to both hands

Wear your Indik8a to your wrist, L is left, R is right with the button saddle on your index finger. Use your thumb to switch on.

Your Indik8a is ready to go!

Press to indicate. While it’s blinking, Indik8a vibrates – press any time to stop or Indik8a will stop flashing after 20 seconds.

Saving Cyclists' Lives

You're now one step closer to being safe on the road!

Indik8a safety indicator

Teagan of the EUCJACOBSSISTERS reviews the Indik8a indicators.

Ultra Bright LEDs: Super-bright LEDs (275 Lumens) for visibility both day and night

Two Way Charging Cable: Charge anywhere. On the go double USB charger charges both Indik8as at the same time.

Real Time Notification: Vibrates while indicating, so you know it’s on without looking.

Super Long-Lasting Battery: 330 indications per side (2 weeks between charges, if indicating a combined left and right 47 times per day).


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