—SOLD—Veteran Patton suspension pre-owned


—SOLD— Veteran Patton suspension pre-owned

—SOLD— This is the sale of my Veteran Patton Electric Unicycle with 66LB suspension system

2400wh battery
66LB Suspension fastace system
3000w motor
The wheel also comes with a 1 month warranty, and 1 year manufacture warranty for peace of mind.

The Veteran Patton is regarded as the best suspension electric unicycle on the market now.

Excellent condition
LONDON, City of London, United Kingdom (UK)
Contact for pick up details. Shipping cost is paid by the buyer
Seller Details
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Seller Name:
Afeez Kay
Seller Location:
London, United Kingdom (UK)
I am an avid clean tech supporter. I believe electrification is the way to go.