Veteran Sherman Unicycle | 20 Inch | 100V | 3200Wh | 2500W | New Wider Rim | £2,412.50 EX VAT

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£2,412.50 - £2,495.83 ex. VAT
£2,895.00 - £2,995.00 inc. VAT

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As featured on BBC Dragons Den

  • Latest Version
  • Improved Wider Tyre Rim For Better Cornering And Stability
  • Raised Pedal Height
  • New Water Proof Display

* VAT applies to UK customers only

Reputed to be the best-performing electric unicycle of 2020, the Veteran Sherman electric unicycle comes with a high capacity 3200WH battery, powerful 2500W motor, 45 mph average speed, max speed of roughly 100 kph and maximum range of up to 130 miles.

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LeaperKim (Veteran) may be new to the EUC community, but its engineers are experienced ‘Veterans’, in the Electric Unicycle world. Combining their experience of building EUCs (Electric Unicycles) to bring the Veteran Sherman EUC into existence.  Widely recognised as the best and most popular EUC in 2020.  Currently comes with upgraded firmware.

Specification Highlights:

  • 80 Miles Range
  • Roll cage for robustness
  • Modular design (Lights are plug and play)
  • Free spin load speed 62mph


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Quick Specs

No Load Speed

62 MPH

Full Charge Time

8 Hours

Max Range

80 Miles

Max Load

120 KG


36 KG


If there was a Bugatti Veyron of the electric unicycle world, the Veteran Sherman electric unicycle would be it. Think about every attribute of an electric unicycle on a scale of 1 to 10, then dial them all to 11. Weight, Speed, Balance, Robustness and Range, the Veteran Sherman electric unicycle has it all.

Veteran Sherman electric unicycle Frontlight Close up


No other Electric Unicycle can compare. The characteristic roll cage is not just there for show. Owners have confirmed that this electric unicycle is built like a tank and can take hits from falls and still keep going, just like a Sherman tank.
Where this wheel really shines is high-speed stability, and maintaining that speed for longer than most electric unicycles on the market. With its 3200wh (3108wh) battery capacity, you ride for longer while also being able to enjoy the stability that it provides at high speeds.

Veteran Sherman electric unicycle Side Profile


Then there's the noise…. The noise the default knobby tyre makes just adds to the drama of riding your EUC. It sounds like a swarm of angry bees daring you to go faster if you can. It is more likely that you will reach the upper limits of your riding prowess before you experience the limit of the Veteran Sherman electric unicycle.

There is a likelihood that you will reach the upper limits of your riding capability before you find the Sherman's limit.

Veteran Sherman electric unicycle ewheel In the Dark


Advance EUC rider that does not want to compromise on Speed, Long Range and robustness

Veteran Sherman Electric Unicycle ewheelside view

Painting BLACK PANTHER on $2800 Electric Unicycle

Product Performance
Model name Sherman
Top free spin speed 100 km/h
Safe riding speed 25 km/h
Motor power 2500W
Battery Panasonic NCR 18650 GA 100.8V 3200WH
Max gradibility 30°
Operating temperature -10-80℃
Max load 120 kg
Charger 100.8V 5A
Charging time 8h
Color Black
Dimension and weight
Dimension 500mm x 195mm x 592mm
Net weight 35 kg
Pedal dimension 250mm x 130mm
Pedal altitude(from ground) 170 mm
Mainboard Customized connectors to fix wires firmly; 12pcs Mosfets make it more durable.
Cooling fan Dual cooling fans, set up at 45℃.
Tire size 20 inch off road tire.
Trolley handle Central mounted build in.
LCD panel Display speed, battery voltage, mileage, mode switching, calibration, battery status etc.
Metal bars Anti scratch shells.
Charge port Dual charge ports, support 10A max.
Headlight 1500 lm modularisation light.
Taillight Turning, braking warning lights.
Incline protection Stop rolling once wheel body inclining 45°
Speed limit Can be set through LCD panel.
Low battery protection Alarm at 78V, tilt back at 75.6V
Battery protection Overcharged, over-discharged, Charging port out put short circuit protection
Mainboard over heat protection 85 ℃.
Calibration Set through LCD panel.
Gross weight 40 kg
Size 570mm x 280mm x 700mm

8 reviews for Veteran Sherman Unicycle | 20 Inch | 100V | 3200Wh | 2500W | New Wider Rim | £2,412.50 EX VAT

  1. Mr Tony Bissell (verified owner)

    I had a positive experience with e-rides communication was very prompt and my wheel was delivered very quickly.
    really happy

  2. simon warren (verified owner)

    having ridden a gotway tesla for the last few years this was a big step up but once you ride the sherman and start to get used to the weight of this thing you start to realize what all the hype is about. such a capable wheel, the larger wheel/tyre size means you just bounce over bumps and holes that on a smaller wheel would leave you with some nasty road rash. i wanted a wheel that won’t give out before me and this thing sure doesn’t. cruising at 30mph is very easily achieved and very comfortable but you can feel that there is plenty more power left in the sherman. between your legs this feels a strong and powerful machine. if you are in the market for a high end euc then don’t hesitate, buy this wheel and you wont be dissapointed.

  3. Dominic Gutai (verified owner)

    The best and (one of the safest) high performance EUCs. Everyone loves the Sherman.
    Durability is second to none, although the control board has issues and the wheel rim is poorly manufactured so many riders have reported cracked wheel rims
    Mine has had issues with a charging error but I replaced the control board and now it’s fine.

    Leaperkim continue to upgrade this wheel with new batches so hopefully they iron out all the issues in the end.

  4. stewart (verified owner)

    Awesome machine just seems to go on for ever no range anxiety, metal bumpers good lights,However it is heavy (batteries) . After a couple weeks now am i glad i got one .ooh yes

  5. David Lazenby (verified owner)

    We ride with E-Rides! Best place to get any of your Electric transport needs! So pleased with my new Sherman!

  6. Jez (verified owner)

    Simply the best EUC to have right now. 

    Impressive performance, stability with an all-terrain tire; an absolute joy to ride.

    My order was quickly completed by Erides who are always available to give accurate advice, will definitely be using them again.

    Happy Days.

  7. customer (verified owner)

    Love it !!

  8. HippoPig

    So – what to say about the mighty Sherman, and ERides?

    Well – pre sales was excellent.

    Delivery was – shipped upside down.

    But – the after sales has been excellent. Afeez has provided old fashioned customer service.

    If I lived in London, this would be even better – but still great comms at a distance.

    The wheel itself is ideal. It doesn’t feel any heavier now than my MSX did, the MSX just feels lighter.

    The most balanced and stable ride you are going to find (more chuckable than a monster). The noise is great, the tyre is great (nothing like a knobbly on an MSX).

    I’m incredibly discerning (picky) as I’m sure Afeez would agree. There are design improvements to be made, sure, but overall I am very happy with my purchase.

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