Electric Unicycle Honeycomb Pedals Fitting Guide

We get many questions about what EUC models do different honeycomb pedals fit, here is an overview:

The Chicway Honeycomb Pedals are suitable for all Gotway Begode wheels and Veteran Sherman. They are not suitable for any Kingsong models. For Inmotion wheels, they are only compatible with V11.

The Gotway Begode Honeycomb Pedals are suitable for all Gotway wheels on sale at e-RIDES. These Pedals come in two different versions, one is made of cast iron, the other is CNC machined from aluminium alloy anode treatment. At e-RIDES we stock the CNC machined version, which is more durable.

The Inmotion V11 Honeycomb Pedals are suitable for Inmotion V11. They are also suitable for Gotway Begode RS19 and Veteran Sherman, but you may have to add additional washers to secure the pedals.

This guide will be updated as we try out them on more models.