Micro-Mobility FAQs

Here is our guide to micro-mobility FAQs – we hope you enjoy!

Starting out with EUCs

What is an EUC?

An Electric Unicycle, or ‘EUC’ for short, is a powered, single-wheeled mode of transport. EUCs are self-balancing and powered by a rechargeable battery. In non-technical speak, EUCs are the most fun you can have on one wheel!

How do you ride electric unicycles?

EUCs have footrests which you will use to stand on. In simple terms, if you lean forward, you will go forwards, and if you lean back, you will slow down. To turn left or right, simply lean in that direction, and the EUC will do the rest.

How do you steer an EUC?

These days, EUCs feature complex electronics and gyroscopes that sense the motion and angle of the EUC. They ensure that speed is suitably adjusted, and that you maintain your balance.

Are electric unicycles easy to ride?

Whilst it may take a little time to get started and build confidence, typically you can be up and ‘running’ on an EUC within an hour. Electric unicycles are intuitive to learn, and you will soon develop the muscle-memory required to ride like a pro.

How do electric unicycles work?

An electric unicycle consists of a number of pieces of tech like the motor, gyroscopes and battery to ensure that you are transported swiftly and safely, and can recharge quickly on reaching your destination.

What is the best electric unicycle?

‘Best’ depends on what you want from your EUC. Different models have different benefits, in terms of speed, weight, looks, charging time etc. You can find out more about each brand by checking out products page https://e-rides.com/store/electric-unicycles/

Can I try before I buy with e-RIDES?

Yes. We are so sure that you’ll love your EUC experience, that we offer a test drive to help you make your decision. Simply complete our enquiry form (https://e-rides.com/contact-us/) and we’ll arrange a demo ride for you.

What EUC brands to e-RIDES sell?

We have researched our brands carefully, visiting factories around the world to curate what we think is the very best in EUCs for our wonderful customer community. We are an official stockist for the following EUC brands:

Kingsong (https://e-rides.com/store/electric-unicycles/?pa_brand=king-song)

Inmotion (https://e-rides.com/store/electric-unicycles/?pa_brand=inmotion)

Begode (Gotway) (https://e-rides.com/store/electric-unicycles/?pa_brand=begode-gotway)

Veteran (https://e-rides.com/store/electric-unicycles/?pa_brand=leaperkim)

Can I trust the advice from e-RIDES?

Yes, you certainly can! We are proud to be part of the EUC revolution, and are in business because of our love for EUCs. Don’t just take our word for it though…take a look at our customer reviews here: (https://www.trustindex.io/reviews/e-rides.com)

EUC’s and Safety

Are Electric Unicycles Safe?

EUCs should be perfectly safe as long as you follow some basic rules:

  • Ensure you are wearing a helmet and other protective clothing, such as gloves and pads. You can find a comprehensive list of protective gear here https://e-rides.com/store/protective-gear/
  • Wear high-vis clothing if possible
  • Be aware of the environment around you, including other people or traffic
  • Stick to a speed that you are comfortable with
  • Ensure your battery is fully charged before you set off and that your EUC is in perfect working order

How fast do electric unicycles go?

As technology progresses, EUCs are getting faster and faster. It is not uncommon to find EUCs that can propel you along at more than 40mph (65 km/h). However, currently most electric scooters are limited by the UK government to around 15mph.

Should I wear gloves when riding my electric unicycle?

We would always recommend wearing gloves to protect your hands and to keep out the chill. We have a full range of EUC gloves on our website, in a variety of styles – find them here https://e-rides.com/store/protective-gear/gloves/

Do you need a helmet when riding an Electric Unicycle?

YES! EUCs are a safe mode of transport, however it is always best to be cautious, just in case. EUCs can also travel at speeds in excess of 30mph if conditions allow, so it is absolutely vital to wear a suitable helmet. e-RIDES have a full selection of headgear available, take a look here: https://e-rides.com/store/protective-gear/helmets/

What safety equipment is available from e-RIDES?

e-RIDES stock a great selection of all types of safety gear, including helmets, knee and elbow protectors, gloves, goggles and armour. Follow this link to find our full rangehttps://e-rides.com/store/protective-gear/

What are Lean Pads?

Lean pads are an accessory that enables you to get more performance from your EUC. They work by strapping to your knees, and increasing the leverage you get when leaning forwards or backwards. They will also make longer journeys more comfortable, as you will be doing less leaning over time!

EUCs – Legality

Are electric unicycles legal?

In the UK, you can legally ride your EUC on private land with the owner’s permission. It is not legal to ride in public areas or on the road.

However, legislation is being reviewed in 2022 to look again at the legality of EUCs and electric scooters. At e-RIDES we believe it is a matter of ‘when’ not ‘if’.

Are electric unicycles street legal?

No – you cannot currently ride an EUC on the streets in the UK; you can only legally ride on private land with the owner’s permission. Different countries have different rules though, so if you are not in the UK, check on your own country’s legislation.

EUC Features and Benefits

How fast do electric unicycles go?

The speeds of electric unicycles varies depending on the model. Essentially, more expensive EUCs will travel faster. For example, a superb entry-level model like the Kingsong KS14-D https://e-rides.com/product/kingsong-ks-14d-electric-unicycle/ will travel at around 18mph (unloaded), whilst a high performance model like the forthcoming Begode MASTER https://e-rides.com/store/electric-unicycles/?pa_brand=begode-gotway will top out at over 50mph unloaded!

Also bear in mind that your own weight will determine the maximum speed an EUC will go.

Can I take electric unicycle on holiday?

What better way to see a new country than on an EUC! You will feel connected to your environment, and in complete control of where you go, and when. There are a few things to consider if you are planning an EUC vacation.

Due to the size of their batteries, EUCs cannot be taking as carry-ons or check-in luggage on an aeroplane. So, you will need to send your EUC separately to your point of destination. This is where the EUC community can help – get in touch with fellow EUC owners at your destination and see if they’re willing to accept your couriered package.

Alternatively, it is becoming more common to rent an EUC at your destination. Speak to us at e-RIDES about our rental options!

EUCs are great when it comes to travelling by train though, due to their portability and the many places they can be stored during your journey. Some EUCs even have built-in trolley handles to help with portability!

If you are considering taking your EUC on holiday with you, there are some important considerations:

  • Do you need a back-up battery?
  • Is your EUC due a service check prior to travelling?
  • If you are going in and out of stations, make sure you are comfortable with the weight of your EUC
  • What is the terrain like at your destination? Whilst EUCs can manage most roads, the toughest of cobbles will mean that you will end up carrying your EUC
  • What is the climate likely to be like at your destination? Consider the impact of persistent heavy rain…or heat and dust
  • Different countries have different rules around EUC use, so check in advance of travelling to avoid any unpleasant surprises!

Are EUC’s eco friendly?

EUC’s are hugely popular for lots of reasons, not least because they are such an environmentally friendly way to travel. They are powered by a rechargeable battery, so no single use fuel is required. They are also very robust, so as long as an EUC is well maintained, it will last for many years.

Will I get fit using an EUC?

EUCs are a great way of building core strength due to the need to lean in order to control the EUC. You will also find that your heart-rate will be increased whilst you travel on your EUC. So, whilst it isn’t exactly a gym work-out, EUCs can provide health benefits almost without noticing!

EUC Community

Is there an electric unicycle forum?

The interest in EUCs is growing daily, which means that there are lots of great online resources to help you out with any queries you might have. Here are a couple of our favourites:



What is the EUC community like?

When you buy an EUC, you are not just getting a brilliant, fun and versatile mode of transport – you are also joining a warm, friendly and enthusiastic community! Our community is large, and growing, with amateurs, pros and influencers around the globe. You can find numerous online support groups, and it is becoming increasingly popular to meet and ride in person.

Pricing and EUCs

How much is an EUC?

Whilst EUCs are a relatively new idea, they are going mainstream quickly which means that they are already a very affordable mode of transport. At e-RIDES, our lowest cost EUCs retail for around £600 for an entry-level EUC like the Kingsong KS14-D or the Inmotion V5F.

However, if you are able to spend more, you will unlock the most high-performance machines which can cost up to £3,000.

But don’t worry, as finance options are available from e-RIDES: (https://e-rides.com/finance/)

What is the cost of ownership of an EUC?

EUCs are incredibly low cost once you have made your initial outlay. They do not require fuel, other than the cost of recharging your battery, and there are no licences to pay for. Remember to factor clothing and safety equipment into your budget. If correctly maintained and serviced, your EUC will give you years of pleasure for minimal cost.

EUC Technical Questions

How fast do electric unicycles go?

As technology progresses, EUCs are getting faster and faster. It is not uncommon to find EUCs that can propel you along at more than 40mph (65 km/h). However, currently most electric scooters are limited by the UK government to around 15mph.

What range do EUCs have?

Range differs between different EUCs, and as battery technology progresses, range is increasing. Currently, you can travel up to 80 miles on a higher-end EUC.

How much do EUCs weigh?

The weight of your EUC will depend on make and model. Less expensive models with lower specification will weigh less – as little as 10Kg. However, the further up the price range you go, the more heavy they become. Higher-end models can weigh as much as 30Kg.

Can I go up hills on my EUC?

Yes you can! You will find yourself leaning forward and putting your weight to the front of your feet and your toes to help you up.

However, if you are considering frequently going up steep hills, you should consider a more highly powered, high-torque model, such as the Inmotion K12 (https://e-rides.com/product/inmotion-v12-electric-unicycle-high-torque/).  This model is built for the hills, and is certified to a 45 degree incline.

Please note the surface that you are riding on will have an impact on your ability to climb the hill…the smoother the surface the better.

Can I go down hills on my EUC?

You certainly can. Most ‘normal’ hills are easily navigable on your EUC. You will find yourself controlling the rate of your descent by leaning backwards on your EUC, and putting your weight on the back of your heels.

Do EUCs have suspension?

Some newer EUCs do have suspension as this is a relatively recent innovation. Suspension means that your ride will be generally smoother, with bumps being ironed out by the suspension, rather than your knees! An EUC with suspension will also give you greater control on less smooth terrain.

However, you will pay more for an EUC with suspension, and they also tend to have a lower range than non-suspension models.

EUC Maintenance

Are electric unicycles easy to repair?

EUCs have a relatively low number of moving parts, meaning that they are unlikely to break. However, they do consist of some elements, such as tyres and brakes, that will need checking and replacing over time.

e-RIDES have fully qualified staff who are able to service and repair your ride; get in touch to find out more!

Are electric unicycles easy to maintain?

EUCs are relatively simple machines, and as such can be maintained easily. We suggest regular checking of tyres and brakes, with a visit to your dealer every 1,000 miles for a check-over.

Do I need to get my EUC serviced?

Whilst not mandatory, at e-RIDES we suggest you get your ride checked at 1,000 mile intervals to ensure you have carefree riding.

How long do electric unicycles last?

As long as you look after your EUC, it should last for many years. EUCs are often made with interchangeable components, which adds to their longevity and upgradability. You can also buy protective covers for your EUC – take a look at our comprehensive selection here https://e-rides.com/store/accessories/covers/

What is the battery life of an EUC?

EUC battery life is measured in miles, which will depend on your weight and the terrain you are travelling on. The more powerful, expensive wheels have longer battery life, and you should be comfortable travelling around 60 miles on a single charge. Lower spec models may be limited to around 20 miles.

Can I ride an EUC in the rain?

EUCs are splashproof, but not completely waterproof. You should be confident in using your EUC in a light shower, but you need to consider if rainy conditions make the surface more slippery. You should also take into account any visibility issues that come with inclement conditions.

Helpfully, EUCs have a guide known as an IP rating. This will be the letters ‘IP’ followed by two numbers. The second number relates to use in wet conditions. The higher this second number, the more water resistant your EUC. You should not ride an EUC with a second IP number of 2 or less in rainy conditions.

How can I protect my EUC?

There are a number of accessories that will help to protect your beloved EUC. The most popular are bumpers, which can be attached to your EUC to protect from damage without compromising the look of your wheel.

You should always clean your EUC after usage, especially if you have been over rough terrain or in unfavourable weather.

Simple checks such as checking tyre pressure should also be carried out prior to every ride to guard against punctures.

General Questions

What is the Brexit impact on e-RIDES prices?

  • For UK customers:  no change, the UK VAT will continue to apply.
  • For European customers:   Post Brexit, e-RIDES no longer charges 20% UK VAT to European customers. Import duties may apply in your country, please check the policy in your country for more details, or visit the EU Taxation and Customs Union page HERE
  • For Rest Of the World:  e-RIDES does not charge 20% UK VAT to international customers. Import duties may apply in your country, please check the policy in your country for more details.   

Do you ship to my country?

Please refer to the shipping policy for details.

How long does it take to receive my orders?

The average delivery time are:

  • For UK customers:  1-3  business days
  • For European customers:   3-5 business days
  • For rest of the world:  5 – 10 business days

The above time depends on the logistic companies, and may be subject to delays due to Covid and Brexit.

What Finance option are available?   

  • Laybuy 
  • Paypal Credit

Do you sell pre-owned wheels?

We connect buyers and sellers of pre-owned e-rideables via our e-RIDES MARKETPLACE. For seller enquiry, please drop us an email at info@erides.co.uk. For buyer enquiry, please fill out the form HERE