Electric Unicycle: The Future of Transportation?

e-RIDES is the home of electric rideables. We are a team of passionate advocates for anything to do with micro mobility.

So, please forgive us if we don’t have a ‘balanced’ approach to the arguments for and against electric rideables, and EUCs in particular!

Put simply, we believe that EUCs are the future of transportation, and in this article, we set out our point of view.

1. The environment

You should be confident that every time you are taking a trip on your EUC rather than in a car, you are limiting the damage you are doing to the environment. 

Also, they are so efficient as there’s so little wasted space! Cars are built to take five passengers…but most of the time only take one or two. Consider all that extra weight, and the impact on fuel economy.

Not with EUCs. They are built for one. They are engineered around rechargeable technology. They are relatively lightweight and will transport you efficiently and in style.

Batteries take little time to charge, and therefore need very little power to keep them moving, particularly in comparison with electric cars.

But caring for the environment means more than just not polluting the air around you, or the impact of individual trips. Supply chains, raw materials, manufacturing and transportation of goods…all of these have a huge cumulative impact on a carbon footprint.

Thankfully, EUC’s are relatively simple devices. Yes, they tend to be made and shipped from the Far East. However, the component list is small, they are lightweight and extremely durable.

All in all, it’s hard not to agree that in a world where everyone is on an EUC, the impact on climate change would be generation defining.

2. Traffic

Major cities in the developed world are being drawn to a standstill by the sheer weight of traffic. Commutes are getting longer. Fuel is being wasted. And until driverless cars become the norm, sitting in traffic is often a complete waste of time.

Our vision is one where EUCs are legalised for public roads, have their own lanes to use, and are adopted by the majority of people who are able to use them for commutes or short trips.

This might sound an idealistic vision of the future, but how hard can this be? The tech is there. Cycle lanes exist. And the benefits would be enormous. Not to mention the impact on air pollution.

Above almost any other argument, the impact on traffic has to be a profound case for EUCs being the future of transportation. 

3. The EUC community

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, but when you buy an EUC, you aren’t just buying a thrilling and innovative mode of transportation. You are joining an exclusive club that is filled with like-minded members. 

To be part of this community is really something special. The trading of hints and tips, communal rides…and let’s face it a nice refreshment at the end…these are all typical of how the EUC community works. It is a bonding experience, and an awesome way of meeting incredible new people. 

Now, that’s something you don’t get with your Ford Focus…

4. Ease of use

We live in times where convenience has a value. Whether it is online banking or Deliveroo…easy solutions are best.

EUCs provide a mode of transport when, once you have your kit on, you can simply…Go! EUCs are easy to charge, low maintenance and simple to learn. You don’t need a driving test; you don’t need to refuel; you don’t need to worry about parking spaces or having a garage; you don’t need to worry about your chain coming off or getting jammed.

EUCs are designed for the times we live in. The younger generation get it, and surely will ensure that the popularity of EUCs continues to grow and grow.

5. Cost

The cost of living has increased massively over the last few months, and it is not going to improve anytime soon. The price of petrol is making transport prohibitive, and even public transport is suffering.

EUCs are a cheap mode of transport to get into, and once you are there, the ongoing costs are minimal. The cost of recharging is low, as is maintenance.

In a world where people have to budget £00’s every month to keep their cars on the road, and are taking out huge loans to pay for them, EUCs make a convincing case for low cost, efficient transport.

6. The sheer thrill

A trip on an EUC is an event. EUC’s make journeys into a highlight of the day. Every trip is different. Your adrenaline will surge and…trust us…you will feel alive and connected to the world around you like no other form of transport.

True, each trip don’t have to be thrill – you can take it easy if you want – but if you are minded to push it a little, then nothing comes close to EUCs for an everyday rush.

At e-RIDES, we also believe that this can have a profound beneficial impact on mental health. Whether it’s the release of endorphins, the community spirit and the connection that this beings, or the sheer sense of being at one with the moment…you don’t see people frowning when they are on EUCs!

7. Keeping fit

Ok…ok. So we may be stretching it a little here. But we told you we were fanatics!

We accept that riding an EUC is not a work-out. We accept that a bike ride or jog will shift more calories than the time you spend on your ride.

However, we also know that EUCs will get you out and about. They are brilliant for developing core strength, due to the way that you accelerate, brake and steer. They will help you build leg-muscle strength too. And EUC rides will bring your heart-rate up, whilst improving your stamina and balance. 

It’s no surprise then, that the EUC community tend to be a pretty lean bunch!

8. The Tech

There’s an old saying from the 1980s: You cannot stop a technology whose time has come.

Let’s face it, with EUCs, the genie is firmly out of the bottle, and it ain’t going back any time soon. You just need to look at their popularity around the world, and the way that legislation is evolving to make EUC and e-scooter use easier and easier.

The revolution in electric vehicles is not limited to cars. It is much more widespread than that, and the EUC community continue to benefit from it. This means that batteries will continue to get lighter, more efficient and cheaper. Range will increase, the power required will decrease.

Rechargeable transport is a tidal wave, and we’re happy to be surfing on the back of it!