How to Ride an Electric Unicycle

There are basic steps one can follow to get started on learning how to ride an electric unicycle (EUC). We have broken them down by sub-tasks. These steps are practical and easy to learn and apply.

How to get on and off an Electric Unicycle

Before any attempt to ride an electric unicycle, you must familiarise yourself with your device. The first step is to learn how to get on and off the EUC smoothly and safely. This requires some practice to totally get the hang of. 

For complete beginners, we advise that you learn the rudimentary way of getting on and off with the aid of a wall or a friend’s hands. After spending some time on the wheel and getting comfortable with how the wheel responds to your body movement, you will need to revise this stage. This is because starting and stopping without aids requires leaning some weight off the wheel into the shin. This is not a sensation that a complete beginner can get used to quickly.

To get started, switch on the electric unicycle, place one hand on the top of the wheel and one foot on the pedal, place the other hand on a wall or solid surface. Double-check that the wheel is standing upright, then swiftly but lightly hop the other foot onto the other pedal without asserting much more pressure from the existing foot. The wheel might wobble a little but will keep itself upright and balanced – so long as you adjust the weight and ensure equal pressure from both feet. The same principle applies when getting off a wheel. Support one hand on a stable surface, place the other hand on top of the wheel, lightly step one foot off the wheel, then the other.

For more experienced learners, start by rocking the wheel back and forward with one foot on the pedal and the top of the wheel pressing into the shin of the moving leg.  If this can be done with ease, kick the standing leg to get some momentum to get the wheel moving forward, then lightly hop the standing foot onto the pedal without the other foot asserting too much pressure. Once both feet are on the pedals, and the wheel is moving forward, adjust the weight distribution and lean slightly forward to get more momentum, as it is easier to maintain balance with speed. To get off a moving wheel, slow down the wheel by shifting the weight backwards. When the wheel is travelling slower than walking speed and coming to a standstill, lean/press the top of the wheel into the shin of one leg, and lightly lift the other leg off the pedal and place it on the floor.  The leaning/pressing motion allows the wheel to balance against something (your leg) to create a support structure, so the electric unicycle does not lose balance and flop. 

How to Start and Stop, Accelerate and Decelerate an Electric Unicycle

Because an electric unicycle uses gyroscopes to maintain balance, it is highly responsive and obedient. It will always try to ‘catch you’ when you shift the centre of the gravity of your body weight.

There are several ways to start or accelerate. One is simply to lean forward with your upper body. Another is to press the toes into the front of the pedals. It is important to ensure that both knees are kept slightly bent and supple. This allows the body to be more relaxed and to be more in sync with the wheel.

To decelerate or stop, one can mimic the motion of sitting down onto a chair. This allows the centre of the weight to be shifted to the back, without over-leaning backwards in an unnatural and uncomfortable way. The more you ‘sit down’ in the imaginary chair, the quicker the wheel decelerates to the point it comes to a halt.

How to Maintain Sideway Balance on an Electrical Unicycle

The key to maintain sideway balance is speed and momentum, much like riding a bike. However, extreme low speed can be achieved by carefully balancing the weight of the body and constant adjustment of the feet.

How to change direction on an Electrical Unicycle

There are a few ways to direct the wheel to where you want to go. Twisting the body, bending one knee, asserting uneven forces with the toes, or shifting the body weight to one side, all help. 

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