Inmotion V12 Electric Unicycle (EUC) Announcement

Inmotion has made the following announcement on 5th January 2022, addressing the cut out issue reported by some V12 EUC owners. 

Dear INMOTION V12 riders,

We’ve received a few V12 cut out cases recently, after deep investigation we figure out the root cause if MOSFET chips, that there’s a defect probability-distribution in manufacturing.  INMOTION plans to take actions to further improve the reliability even though the failure rate is pretty low regarding to whole sale volume of V12, as riders’ safety is always out top priority.

The current chip storage environment does not leave much in the way of alternative options at this moment. To get this issue solved, we have extensively tested a free-spin process and the result proved that if it passes the spin test, the wheel will be fine, but we’ll continue to monitor.

What Should You Do?

Please stop riding the V12 and begin to perform this spin test as guided in the video provided below. Please make sure to perform spin test at least 10 times. If your vehicle is found to be affected, contact your dealer to arrange for a repair at no cost.

What Will INMOTION Do?

INMOTION has worked with the retailers globally to correct the issue and will offer a MOS replacement or repair service for free to customer impacted by this cut out issue.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this matter caused to you and urge you to schedule a self inspection as soon as possible. Thanks for your support and understanding.

How to Performa a Spin Test

Along with the announcement, Inmotion has released a video demonstrating how to perform the aforementioned spin test.

e-RIDES has reached out to all our V12 customers and urged them to perform the test and get in touch with us if the wheel exhibits the MOSFET issue that leads to the wheel cut out and stops working.  

Please note that this test can be quite strenuous on an electric unicycle, and in some cases may cause the mainboard to burn out.   However, this is a stress test, and it is designed to identify V12 that has compromised MOSFET. Therefore it is essential that the test is done for the safety of the riders.  If your wheel can survive the test, then there is a high probability that all is well with your Inmotion V12.  Here is an example of a wheel that contains MOSFET issue.

Inmotion V12

Despite the issue reported, Inmotion V12 remains to be one of the highest quality electric unicycles on the market so far.  With 100V batteries and 2500W motor, it can reach and maintain 40 miles per hour speed in normal riding circumstances, and it is known to have a higher-than-average level of waterproofing.  Weighing at around 28kg, it also comfortably sits within the more portable range of EUCs.

If you are interested in having a test ride, please contact us at

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