Is it hard to ride an electric unicycle?

Learning to ride an electric unicycle is not much harder than learning to ride a bicycle, both technically and mentally.  From a technical perspective, in a broad sense, both require the riders to learn to get on and off, to start and stop, maintain sideway balance, to accelerate and decelerate, and to glide. 

From a mental perspective, mastering an electric unicycle and bicycle are both very much down to developing the confidence, letting go of fear, and simply bringing up the courage to give it a go. It is intriguing how the body naturally finds ways to tackle and overcome an obstacle once the mind lets go of fear and self-doubts and accepts the challenge. Often it is the mind that blocks the progress. In this sense, the mind dictates how hard it is to ride an electric unicycle.

There are several steps a learner can follow to master the riding techniques of electric unicycles. Just like learning to ride a bike, very rarely can someone become good at it without any practice. However, how quickly one learns depends heavily on the person’s attitude and mental state of mind. Once the mind is committed, the rest is down to practice, and that’s the easy part.

At the end of the day, practice makes perfect.