Tips for Buying an Electric Unicycle – A Beginner’s Guide

The question we get asked most at e-RIDES is “Which EUC should I buy?”

If only the answer were straightforward!

With loads of great brands to choose from, and so many different specs, it’s a difficult choice.

At e-RIDES, we say that there is no best electric unicycle. However, there is a best one for you. Take a think about what is most important for you in an EUC. Is it speed? Comfort? Aesthetics? Battery Power? Budget? Brand?

Once you have drawn up a list of your priorities, you are ready to start looking at options. You may want to speak to friends or family about their experiences, or jump onto one of the many forums that are packed with great advice.

Quick Tip: Use the ‘compare’ function on our website to load up a few EUCs, and have a look at their respective performance.

To help, at e-RIDES we’ve produced this guide that we hope will help.

1. Power

The power of your EUC comes from its motor, and some motors are more powerful than others. Power is measured in Watts…the higher the Wattage, the more powerful the motor. How powerful your ride is will affect your top speed; the types of hill you can and can’t climb; and at higher speeds how quickly your battery will drain. A bigger motor will get you there faster and be able to cope with bigger weights. However, bigger motors can also lead to over-powering which could result in losing control. So, for the safety conscious, a bigger motor isn’t always best.

2. Wheel Size

Different EUCs have different wheel sizes. The basic rule is that a bigger wheel will mean a more comfortable ride. They will also be less prone to accidents caused by cracks or objects lying in the road. An EUC with a larger wheel will also feel more stability at higher speeds. However, a bigger wheel means more weight, less manoeuvrability at low speeds and a greater loss of acceleration, so there is a trade-off depending on where your priorities lie.

3. Battery Capacity

This is a big one! Battery Tech is getting better all the time, which means that specifications of EUCs are getting better too – range, speed, hill climbs, transportable weight. So, give plenty of thought to the battery you need. On websites such as battery capacity is expressed in terms of the distance you can expect to cover.

Also, if as expected legislation means that EUCs will become fully road legal, you may start considering your EUC for the commute or everyday use, which potentially means longer journey times. Be sure to future-proof your ride!

Remember though: a bigger battery means more weight, and also longer recharging times.

Finally make sure you follow simple rules for maintaining the health of your battery. You can learn more in our helpful ‘How To’ guide on EUC Maintenance which you can find here.

4. Budget

The cost of running and maintaining an EUC is incredibly low, so the main consideration is how much the EUC itself will cost. The price of EUCs at e-RIDES ranges from around £600 to over £3,000. As you’d expect, the more you spend the higher the spec of your ride. As you will probably want an EUC to last a number of years, go for the best option that your budget will allow, and this will avoid additional purchases in the future.

Also bear in mind the cost of protective gear and EUC accessories in your budget too. You will need as a minimum a helmet, a pair of gloves and pads.

5. Brand

EUCs have been on the market for a number of years now, and there are some brands that have established themselves as producers of great rides. Depending on your preference, take a look at the various brands that are around. Read the reviews and consult the forums. Take a look at their advertising – does it appeal to you or not?

e-RIDES have curated a range of great brands, including Begode (Gotway), Inmotion, Kingsong and Leaperkim. Each go about their products slightly differently, so see what you like best.

6. Weight

The bigger the motor, the bigger the battery, the higher the performance…and the heavier the EUC! So, if it is table-topping performance you are after, then be prepared to have an EUC that might weigh as much as 45Kg. This means that it will not be portable. Therefore, if ‘first and last mile’ is your thing, you need to consider a lighter alternative that can be taken on public transport. But don’t worry – there are plenty of EUCs that weigh under 15Kg including the Inmotion V5F which comes in at 10Kg. There are also EUCs that have their own carrying handle built in, like the Kingsong KS-14D.

7. Build Quality

EUCs are a brilliant low-maintenance from of micro-mobility. They have few moving parts, and therefore tend to be extremely reliable. However, some EUCs are made to be more rugged than others. They will have larger wheels, crash and impact protection and a more solid build, like the Veteran Sherman. These models will be able to tackle rougher terrain than others. Our advice therefore is to give consideration to the type of riding that you will be doing, and think about ruggedness accordingly.

There are some other things you should consider too!

  • EUCs are a fast moving technology…in more ways than one! There are plenty of bargains to be had from, for example, last year’s stock. However, batteries in particular are getting better and better each year, so do make sure you are buying a ride that has sufficient range.
  • Try before you buy. At e-RIDES HQ in Greenwich, London, we have a space where you can try one of our demo EUCs to help you decide what is best for you. You may also want to think about renting an EUC for a true idea of what your EUC is going to be like to live with.
  • Call us for advice! e-RIDES are micro-mobility fanatics. Our job is to make sure you leave us with a smile on your face! This means that we will take time to get to know you, understand your requirements…and use this information to guide you in the right direction. We are not a pushy company, and love nothing more than getting you on your way with an EUC that you will love. So, get in touch by completing our form here or by emailing us at , or simply by calling us on 020 3633 8748.