Where are E-Scooters legal across Europe and which cities should I visit?

We recently wrote an article to update you on the legislation in the UK, which you can find here.

The UK remains one of the few countries in Europe that are dragging their feet with regards to legalising e-Scooters.

Not so our brothers and sisters across Europe, where in some cases E-Scooters have been legal since 2019.

In this article, we look at some of these countries, and pick out a few suggestions as to where you may want to visit to ride an e-scooter.

Of course, you cannot yet take your E-Scooter on an aeroplane, but all of our suggestions have been vetted to ensure that there are great rental schemes in place to help you when you arrive!

Germany – Berlin

Germany was the first country in Europe to legalise the use of electric scooters, back in May 2019. As the capital, Berlin not only represents the easiest place to rent an e-scooter in Germany, but also one of the most interesting to visit…and it’s flat, too!

Berlin has traditionally been a cycle-friendly city, so E-Scooters have fitted seamlessly into what was already a safe place to travel.

Berlin is such a hotbed for e-scooter use, maybe because of the vibe of the city. It is a youthful, vibrant city which is liberal and forward thinking. Café-culture abounds in Berlin, and there are many varied districts to investigate.

However, as with the rest of Germany, there are rules governing E-Scooter use on public roads. These are as follows:

  • You cannot exceed 20km/h
  • Your ride cannot be more powerful than 500W
  • Helmets are not mandatory, but there is a minimum age of 14 years old
  • Your E-Scooter must be up to the task! You may need to prove that the basics work – brakes and lights for example
  • You need to be insured, and have your insurance documents readily available – for example a sticker on your E-Scooter
  • You must stick to designated cycle paths and lanes. Fortunately in Berlin these are plentiful

Spain – Barcelona

Spain has a very forward-thinking approach to e-scooter use: They are legal. There are some caveats, which we’ll treat below.

The capital of the Catalonian province of Spain is Barcelona. It’s only a couple of hours flight from the UK, and is a gloriously cosmopolitan city. Whether you are into shopping, visiting the multitudinous tourist attractions, or simply want to visit the beach, Barcelona has it all.

The city is relatively flat and it rarely rains in the spring and summer months. It has copious coffee shops, bars and restaurants to visit. And there’s a lively festival culture too. So, if your preferred mode of transport is an E-Scooter, you are brilliantly served in this city where rental shops are plentiful.

So, those rules then – here’s a list of the current legislation in Spain:

  • You cannot exceed 25km/h
  • Your ride can be more powerful than in Berlin – topping out at 1000W
  • Helmets are mandatory, and there is a minimum age of 14 years old
  • You must stick to riding in cycle lanes in the city; however with around 137 km of cycle lanes, this is not likely to be restrictive

Belgium – Bruges

Belgium is a beautiful European country bordering Holland, Germany, Luxembourg and France. As one of our closest European neighbours, it is quick and easy to get to by flying or taking one of the many ferries from the UK.

Belgium is renowned for its architecture, chocolate and beer. This is never in more evidence than in the picturesque city of Bruges.

Bruges lies in the Northwest of the country. It is full of ancient streets, lively town squares and impressive buildings. It celebrates Trappist beers which are easy to find…and tend to be very strong! Belgium has one of the most liberal approaches to e-Scooters, which is one reason why it makes this list. Here’s what you need to know before renting your wheels in Bruges.

  • You cannot exceed 25km/h
  • Helmets are not mandatory, and there is a minimum age of 16 years old
  • You are permitted to ride on pavements in Belgium, but your speed must not exceed 6km/h
  • Unusually, you can take a passenger on your E-Scooter in Belgium, although this isn’t something that we recommend at e-RIDES

Denmark – Copenhagen

The capital city of Denmark is Copenhagen. One of the most cosmopolitan cities in Europe, it is renowned for its friendly welcome, anglicised sense of humour, café culture and live jazz.

Copenhagen is the sort of city that you don’t want to race around. With wide-open streets and spaces, and fascinating architecture, it’s the sort of city you want to breathe in.

And breathing comes easy here – one of the first European capitals to become pedestrianised, and adopt electric vehicles too.

Copenhagen is forward thinking when it comes to health and safety as well. We would vouch that you will feel safer on your wheels in Copenhagen than in any major western city.

One word of caution though: like many Scandinavian cities, it is not a cheap place to stay!

Here’s where Denmark sits in terms of legalising E-Scooter use:

  • There is currently a trial in place in Denmark, which means you are limited to those E-Scooters used by the trialling companies
  • Your ride must not exceed a top speed of 20km/h
  • Helmets are mandatory, and there is a minimum age of 15 years old

We’d love to hear your thoughts about which European cities you find to be E-Scooter friendly, and also tips on what to do when you get there!

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