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About King Song

Kingsong Intell Tech Co., LTD is a hi-tech manufacturer specializing in King Song brand one wheel/ two wheel scooters. King Song started researching self balancing scooters business since 2012, through continual studying from domestic and oversea professions combining absorbing professional designers , finally, King Song formed complete production line: electric unicycle/ E-scooter/ two wheel balance scooters, and keep track of market trends to keep refresh for our customers.

In comparison to their competitors, King Song focus on researching self balancing scooters with our own uniqueness.

Prior to self balancing scooters business, King song has been developing and producing power bank protection board. They also also make their control boards for all their Personal Electric Devices such as scooters in-house, which is one of their advantage compared to their competitors, ensuring true end to end development and full control ensuring Quality Control of their core components.

King Song’s Senior engineers team consisting of electronic, structure, software engineers can assure you powerful OEM service.

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