Electric Unicycle Safety 101 (Battery Safety)

As a customer of e-RIDES we thought we would share with you some best practices on keeping your Electric Unicycle in working order, and prolonging the life of your battery.

Electric Rideables are a viable means of transportation, as such must be handled accordingly and with a certain degree of care. They contain lithium batteries, please follow this advice to ensure safety for you and those around you.

Below are some best practices and precautions we recommend you take to improve your electric unicycle safety

To ensure battery safety and longevity

  • Avoid charging immediately after a long ride.
  • Avoid charging if the vehicle is/has been exposed to wet conditions, avoid riding in the rain and snow when you can. Electric Unicycles are not waterproof so ensure you keep away from water.
  • Avoid using high powered chargers too frequently. Frequent use may shorten battery life.
  • Avoid leaving your device charging unattended or overnight. 
  • Your device should charge to 100%, if not, this could be an indicator that the cells are not healthy. If so, avoid charging the wheel and seek advice.
batteries charging

To ensure mainboard safety and reduce the risk of main board burn up

  • Avoid stressing your device by not climbing steep hills for a long period of time. This can heat up the components within the device and may ultimately destroy the mainboard.

Each device may have a power alarm or tilt back feature to warn owners when the device power limit is close; reduce speed when the device either tilts you back or you hear an alarm. Failure to adhere to these warnings can lead to device failure and injury to the rider.

Take care of your Electric Unicycle and it will take care of you!

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