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While Electric Rideables,e-RIDES, are fun and everyone is interested in the latest and greatest models, an important part that often goes undisclosed is servicing excellence and experience. Sure, a company can sell you an electric scooter, e-bike or an electric unicycle for a great price, but what is the service and technical expertise like? In this article we will be highlighting why we take servicing seriously at e-RIDES and what we look for in our e-RIDES engineers.

Why buying from a company that takes technical servicing seriously is important?

When a customer buys an electric rideable from e-RIDES.com, they are also buying a commitment and a long-term relationship with the company, this is particularly important as e-rideables, just like most electrical appliances do develop faults over time, either through wear and tear such as tyre change, or need repairs that are covered by manufacturer warranty. We take technical expertise seriously.

What we look for in an e-RIDES engineer

By recruiting some of the best engineering minds in the e-rideable community onto the e-RIDES team, this process takes weeks, sometimes months of recruitment by our co-founders, including numerous tests on our demo e-rideables before we then assess the engineer capabilities working on our customer’s products.

We also ensure our engineers are also keen riders of electric rideables. We believe an engineer that is passionate about the product, will always be passionate about their work. The engineer will have an in-dept knowledge of the issue at hand plus experience, a keen eye for detail which is crucial while investigating route cause analysis on an issue, but also ensuring the issue is tested after the fix is applied and no longer reproducible.  

Our most experienced service engineer

We have a couple of service engineers, one of which is Kevin, who has 30 years’ experience in electrical engineering and a bit of a celebrity. He has extensive experience in fixing e-Bikes, Electric Unicycles, and e-Scooters. An in-dept knowledge in batteries, control boards and electric motors. One of Kevin’s well known accomplishments is the battery extension he made to his Kingsong S18, which demonstrates his technical understanding of batteries and hardware knowledge, which is required in order to retrofit the battery onto the factory chassis.

e-RIDES Workshop 2

Kevin creates how-to videos that showcases the technical expertise we have at our disposal, but the most important aspect of these video is the attention to detail of our engineers. Break down videos such as this also helps highlight which component are more vulnerable to wear and tear damages over time and gives e-RIDES an informed knowledge on which spare parts to stock to better support our customers. This knowledge is particularly valuable as shipping time for parts takes 6 weeks to arrive when ordered, at best, from our manufacturers in the far east. Having the most critical parts readily available helps make our customer service and commitment to our customers easier to fulfill.

Please see below for some links to other technical video from our engineer Kevin.

First look inside build quality of the King Song S20 Eagle:

Begode HERO suspension problem fix


LeaperKim Veteran sherman Cut Out Fix. e-rides EUC Upgrade.

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