Micromobility recharging: Fire Resistant Lithium Battery Charging Cabinet from e-RIDES

Micromobility recharging is a real draw of the world of PEVS. It means a low cost transport alternative is available to all. With the soaring cost of energy prices, we are beginning to see a switch to smaller electric transportation devices such as e-scooters, e-bikes and electric unicycles (EUC). While micro-mobility becomes more popular, it also increases the probability of fire incidents associated with lithium batteries that are contained within these devices. As Personal Electric Vehicle (PEV) enthusiast, some of us own multiple devices that we charge at our homes. There will always be a risk of fire associated with all li-ion contained devices, especially large capacity ones in PEVs.

One of the best ways to mitigate against fire risk in our homes/flat/apartment, is to have a containment strategy in place in case of fire such as a fire resistance cabinet to store or charge our li ion devices.

The Fire Resistant Micromobility Recharging Cabinet

As a result, we at e-RIDES.COM will listing and taking orders/enquiries a multi-functional storage/charging cabinet packed with some great features. Contact us to make an enquiry, shipping possible worldwide

Key Features

  • Fire resistant reinforced steel plate
  • Fire alarm
  • Charging socket
  • Real time temperature monitoring
  • Ventilation
  • Automatic temperature control exhaust system
  • Electric surge protector
  • Automatic fire extinguishing in future updates

The cabinet is made to order, please provide your ideal internal length (cm) + wide (cm) + height (cm) to info@e-rides.com for a quote. The charging socket can be changed to your local specification. i.e. UK is three pin 240v plug, US is 120v


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