King Song Eagle S20 Electric Unicycle Production Update

On the 31st December 2021, KingSong has released the below update on the production status of the Eagle S20 Electric Unicycle.

Dear Customers,

To help you better enjoy the products and service of King song Intell Co.,LTD, (called KING SONG here after), KING SONG hereby officially informs you the batch production arrangement of EUC Eagle S20.

  1. First of all, King Song team thanks for all your support and trust of our products, and sorry to inform you that EUC eagle S20 be delayed due to our fully respect on EUC production. We confirm that the batch production date of EUC Eagle S20 will be in Feb. 2022.
  2. As King Song team always dedicate to provide you with the world-leading wheels. Our R&D team used 126V solution in our Eagle S20, aim to dramatically elevate your riding experience. in terms of this, it requires corresponding new technological breakthroughs on modulation of BMS.
  3. With the new technological breakthroughs, it requires many more comprehensive tests for stability improving as well to ensure the high quality and stable wheels.
  4. Anyway, we are sorry for the delay again. King Song team will consistently try our best to providing you with excellent products and services.

Hopefully this announcement can help you to make future plan, wish you good health and happy new year.