The Best Brands of Unicycles in Europe

Roads in Europe are built and used in ways that are a little different from other parts of the world. For starters, the roads are shorter and narrower; meaning that whatever unicycle you are using should not be too big to fit properly and safely on the road.

Some European cities where electric rideables are legal to ride, there is a speed limit of 25kph, so having big, heavy and fast electric unicycles may not be practical; especially where the roads are small.

Apart from the size of the road, Europeans have different transit habits. For example, most people will use their unicycle in the last part of their journey. This means, that the unicycles they will prefer will also need to be lighter.

From all this information, we can determine a few things about the ideal type of unicycle for a European road:

  • It needs to be small enough to fit on the roads due to the smaller size of European roads
  • It should not have high max speeds due to the shorter roads
  • It needs to be light so that the owners can easily carry it on other modes of transport

In this guide, we’ll look at brands that offer you all these qualities for a pleasant experience on European roads:

Inmotion V8F

Are you new to unicycles? If you are, then we would love to introduce you to the Inmotion V8F Electric Unicycle. This unicycle has been a fan favorite for quite some time and here are a few reasons why:

  • The Inmotion V8F is durable. It has a hard, protective shell that will make it last through your learning journey.
  • It has a low maximum speed to keep you safe. The Inmotion V8F does not go above 25 Mph safely, making sure that if you lose control as you ride it, you will not find yourself hurtling through the air at dangerous speeds.
  • It is lightweight. The Inmotion V8F is very light, making it easy to carry around as you get the hang of it.

Inmotion V11

The Inmotion V11 is the best option if you are looking for comfort. This unicycle may not specialize in any one feature but its combination of several key features makes it a great choice. The Inmotion V11 has a steady suspension and a bright headlight so you can travel any time of day. It is also one of the most comfortable unicycles to have right now with a trolley handle that is both easy to deploy and fold down.

Gotway Mten3

The Gotway Mten3 is probably the best unicycle under £1,000 available right now. For approximately £800, the Gotway Mten3 offers you:

  • Easy portability. You can fit the Gotway Mten3 in a backpack.
  • Reasonable power. It has an 800 Watt battery and 460/512 Watt-hour battery.
  • Safe speed and reasonable range for European roads.  You will get all you need to be done with its top speed of 23 Mph and range of 20 miles.

Gotway Tesla T3

Looking for value for your money? The Gotway Tesla V2 offers you a 1900 Watt motor and an impressive 1020 Watt/hour battery all at around £1,300. For that price, you will then have a unicycle that can cover a range of 30-50 miles. For this amazing price, you will also get built-in speakers and a decent trolley.

Kingston 16X

Do you prefer a quieter ride? Then the Kingston 16X would be a great option for you. This unicycle produces the least sound with a motor of 2200 Watts. This stealthy unicycle even has the most silent cooling fans in the entire market.

Kingsong S18

The Kingsong S18 is the best unicycle for European roads with suspension. Suspension helps you absorb bumps and any other kind of uneven terrain, including stairs! 

Although voltage sag kicks in quickly with this unicycle, you will not have to worry about speed. Its top speed is a decent 30 Mph, but the pedal will tilt up to slow you down as you approach its top speed. Although this is not ideal if you wan to go fast, as mentioned earlier, you do not need extra speed on European roads. 

With the Kingsong S18, you will get one of the smoothest rides available all while complying with every European road regulation.

Enjoying Your Unicycle

The options may truly seem overwhelming, but do not forget that you could always lease a model and try it out to see what you prefer. If such an option is unavailable in your city or town, you can try prioritizing a model whose main highlight is something you feel you have been lacking. Or, something you would enjoy trying for the first time. 

Your unicycle should bring you joy as well as convenience, so do not hesitate to prioritize some frivolity to ease your decision-making.