Top 10 Beginner EUCs to Consider

EUC (electric unicycles) are a great, cutting-edge way for you to make your daily commutes, evening strolls, and city adventures more interesting than ever before. EUCs are not only highly efficient for zipping around from one place to another, they’re also loads of fun to ride. 

Hopping on one of these environmentally friendly little machines can seem intimidating at first due to the fact that they operate with but a single, solitary wheel, but with a little bit of practice, virtually anyone can get the hang of riding a EUC. Having that said, there are some brands and models that are more beginner-friendly than others. 

In this article, we’re taking a closer look at the top 10 beginner-friendly EUCs in 2022, with pros, cons and pricing so you can decide which one is the right one for you.


1. Inmotion V5F

This little guy is an excellent choice for those seeking a beginner EUC option that is suitable for both adults and children alike. Riding over bumps and cracks is smooth, and it’s lightweight, which means you can take it anywhere easily! 

Price: £490 ex VAT


  • Great value for your money
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable


  • Less powerful than some other models

2. Inmotion V8F

One of the best-selling EUCs of all time, and with good reason. While it doesn’t dominate in one single category, such as price, portability, or speed, it’s incredibly well-rounded, and perhaps the best price point on the market for anyone who wants a self-balancing wheel that is the complete package. 

Price: £824 ex VAT


  • Excellent speed and power for a V8 (1000W motor)
  • Large pedals
  • Lightweight for its class


  • Mid-range wheel (32-kilometer range)
Begode Gotway Mten3 electric unicycle

3. Begode Mten3

This brand-new model is a great commuting solution for those that want an extremely easy ride. It’s designed for shorter commutes, but has a variety of new tech that make up for it, such as the anti-spin lit sensor, tilt back alarms, and a new lighting system that makes it perfect for quick, fun journeys. 

Price: From £585 ex VAT


  • Lightweight
  • Powerful


  • Mid-range wheel (48-kilometer)
  • Limited power and speed

4. Begode MCM5

This EUC is a powerful little unicycle, with high torque and a lightweight chassis. You’ll be getting a 1500W sustained motor, which is considerably more powerful than most of the other beginner EUCs in its class. It’s a great hillclimber, and has a nicehas nice range to boot. 

Price: From £1,120 ex VAT


  • Powerful
  • Good range (64 kilometers)
  • Agile


  • A little on the heavier side for a 14 inch wheel
  • A little pricey to repair
Kingsong 14D Side picture

5. Kingsong 14D

Back in 2015, the 14C made its way into the market, presenting raw power, but had a few shortcomings, such as overheating and durability, that made it truly a beginner-friendly EUC. The 14D took notes on all of the feedback from the 14C, and offers a new, larger heat sink, a brand-new chassis and a massive battery pack for its class. It’s a great little machine.

Price:  £582 ex VAT


  • High-quality materials
  • Durable
  • 48-kilometer range (good for its 840w battery pack)


  • Not great load bearing (113 kg limit)
  • A little on the slower side
Kingsong Ks 16s V2 Electric Unicycle Trolley

6. Kingsong 16S

These new 16” models come with Bluetooth app connectivity, enabling you to access music and other real-time data on the machine. This goes hand-in-hand with the mobile app, which makes it easy to see all of your diagnostics – great for a beginner trying to wrap their head around a EUC.

Price: £915 ex VAT


  • Stable, responsive ride
  • Powerful 1200w motor
  • Programmable LEDS and new Bluetooth integration


  • On the heavier side
  • Repair parts can be expensive
Image Removebg Preview

7. Inmotion V10F

This sleek-looking, futuristic new EUC model offers the thinnest 16” wheel profile on the market. It is also loaded with extra bells and whistles that more than justifies the price, such as top-of-the-line Bluetooth speakers, super-bright headlights and an under-handle cut-off switch.

Price: £1,082 ex VAT


  • The most futuristic and attractive-looking wheel on the market today
  • Good speed (40 km per hour)
  • Lots of bells and whistles


  • Pricey
  • Speed reduces gradually with battery
  • Can overheat on sustained hill climbs
Begode Tesla V3 electric unicycle back light picture

8. Begode Tesla

This one is similar in volume to the V10F, but comes with a pair of battery packs that are massive, bringing 50% more charge. It’s also very fast without being difficult to handle and comes with a fully integrated dashboard. 

Price: From £1,279 ex VAT


  • Powerful motor (1500w)
  • Great charge and range


  • Water protection isn’t great
  • Pricey
Kingsong KS 16X 1554Wh 2200W

9. Kingsong 16X

This is a big boy. You’ll be paying somewhat of a premium with this wheel, but you’re getting what you pay for. Ambient light sensors, an extra-wide tire, a 2000w motor, and a 1600wh battery capacity are all in store here. 

Price: £1,454 ex VAT


  • Powerful
  • Long range
  • Impressive lighting and chassis


  • Quite pricey for a beginner-friendly wheel
Kingsong 18L Electric Unicycle

10. Kingsong 18L/XL

Price: £1,290 ex VAT

Another top-end wheel with some heft to it. It has the largest wheels in its class (25cm) and a large 1554wh battery. 


  • High-performance wheel
  • Good battery life
  • Easy to maintain


  • Need to ride 10km or so to unlock full speed.