EUC Bodyguard Protective Neoprene Covers

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This is the Roll.NZ Bodyguard Protective Neoprene Covers for Gotway Nikola & MSX/MSP, Kingsong 16S & 16X & 18XL, Inmotion V8 & V10F.

Sourced from Kevin & Chrissi of These are handcrafted from reinforced neoprene. They fit tightly over your chosen EUC to prevent scratches. Great for keeping your EUC looking pristine for when it is time to sell them on.

* Limited images for colour options, please check stock availability



7 reviews for EUC Bodyguard Protective Neoprene Covers

  1. Nik (verified owner)

    I don’t think there’s a product out there that does the job better. If you’re looking on placing bulky power pads on, you might have to consider another option.

  2. Daniel Hollinghurst (verified owner)

    Great, also cheaper than getting direct from
    It looks great! Adds protection, more comfort and grip.

  3. Dan H

    Faster and cheaper here than direct, glad erides started stocking them. (after shipping it was over £18 more direct to UK)
    Bought my KS S18 the red/black cover (direct from before they sold them here) it’s stunning stunning. Really nice quality, easy to clean and look amazing. S18 is already gorgeous, but the added colour just makes it even better!
    Also it provides the added benefit of adding some additional comfort and grip to the EUC.
    No scratches get through, prevents water ingress too.
    10/10 highly recommended.

  4. Janet Benham (verified owner)

    Great product, quality material recommended for protection of EUC!

  5. YVES (verified owner)

    This cover is great! It protects my newly acquired Kingsong 16s, and it gives it a great look 🙂
    I really think it should be the first purchase after an EUC.

  6. Richard Sherwin (verified owner)

    This is our third Roll NZ bodyguard.
    As you can tell we are big fans of the products.
    The build quality of the product is excellent, they really are like a tailor made suit for your EUC.
    They offer a very good level of protection for the thickness of the material and the ability to lean your wheel against something without fear of scratches is great.
    They do give a little extra peace of mind that a spill might not cause as much damage (have a look at the testing videos on the RollNZ website)
    Also save a tonne of money on purchasing from e-rides over import duties and postage).
    Supa efficiency from e-rides as usual

  7. Jason Mckinley (verified owner)

    Great can take beating, specially from a newbie on an EUC.

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