Kingsong S22 Pro Eagle Electric Unicycle – Pro

£2,741.67 ex. VAT
£3,290.00 inc. VAT

Kingsong S22 Eagle Electric Unicycle – Updated 4000W Motor – Best Off-Roading wheel


  • 20″ Wheel Diameter
  • 4000W High Torque Motor
  • Updated Sliders
  • 40+mph Top Speed
  • 2200 126V Battery
  • Motorcycle-like suspension with 130mm of travel
  • Adjustable power pads
  • Integrated top display, e.g., speed, and kickstand
  • Built-in stand
  • Pivoting headlights
  • Spike pedals standard
  • Backed by e-RIDES Support and Service

Available in 2 weeks

*This product is not to be used on UK Public roads/footpaths/cycle lanes


Quick Specs

No Load Speed

43 MPH

Full Charge Time

5 Hours

Max Range

50 Miles

Max Load

130 KG


34 KG

The Kingsong S22

The Kingsong S22 is the first 126v Electric Unicycle, with spring suspension. The design theme of the S22 is one of a high focused and highly tuned off -road machine. Coupled with the in-house custom 3300w motor built for torque, you wont be left behind in most acceleration test, and nor will you be lacking in top end speed; something other manufacturer has had difficulty in achieving.

The spring suspension S22 is not a replacement to the very popular air suspension equipped S18, but more of a larger sibling.

Updated Sliders

S22 Sliders
kingsong s20 suspension e-rides
Kingsong s20 Power System
Kingsong s20 Battery System e-RIDES
Kingsong s20 Charging system e-rides
Kingsong s20 Controller Design e-rides
Kingsong s20 Lighting System e-rides
Kingsong s20 Other Features
Kingsong s20 Other features e-rides

Kingsong S22 Launch Video

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