Begode MSP MSS Bargain Sale


Begode MSP MSS Bargain Sale

This is the very rare and extremely reliable Begode MSP MSS. The MSS is a sporty version of an already great wheel in the Begode MSP.

The MSS line is the AMG of the electric unicycle world. Instance response, combination of Torque and speed, agility and range and weighing below 30kg (27kg).
The MSP MSS is distinguished by its red wheel motor.
Grab yourself a classic – only 1200miles

– 2250WH battery
– High torque plus high speed motor
– Nylonove pedals
– Knobby tyre, from Japan. with a slighly thinner profile for less rolling resistance

Excellent condition
LONDON, Greater London, United Kingdom (UK)
Pick up at e-RIDES HQ.
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Afeez Kay
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London, United Kingdom (UK)
I am an avid clean tech supporter. I believe electrification is the way to go.