Factors that affect PEV ownership in 2022

Since the world was rocked by the pandemic, PEV ownership is transforming cities around the world. A new generation of enthusiasts were turned on to the freedom that you can feel when being out and about on empty streets on a PEV.

However, there is still a lot more to be done before we are able to achieve significantly lower emissions and car-free zones throughout the world. Though, right now, PEVs, also known as personal electric vehicles, are becoming very popular throughout the world.

For both city riding and simply riding as a hobby, PEVs are the excellent and a preferred solution when it comes down to how environmentally friendly, effective, and easy they are. Though, there are many different factors that need to be considered when it comes down to PEV ownership.

Let’s take a look at some of the factors that may affect PEV ownership.

How is the Weather Looking?

If you’re using your PEV somewhere where the weather is often fine, such as London, this can influence PEV ownership. In fact, some riders don’t even want to leave home on rainy winter days, let alone ride a micromobility/PEV device out in the weather. 

For this reason, many different cities have invested in new ways to make people more comfortable when commuting on their PEVs. Take a look at our recently produced guide to some of the best cities in the UK for PEV ownership https://e-rides.com/blog/what-are-the-best-places-in-the-uk-to-ride-an-euc/

There are of course stunning cities across Europe that almost guarantee great weather for PEV owners…again, take a look at our guide here https://e-rides.com/blog/where-are-e-scooters-legal-across-europe-and-which-cities-should-i-visit/

Barcelona - a fantastic city for PEV ownership
Barcelona – a progressive PEC city

The good news is that a lot of PEVs are shower resistant, so it’s only the worst weather that should be avoided. And, there’s plenty of kit available to make sure you stay dry, warm and comfortable too.

Post-Pandemic Reality

Over the past few years since COVID-19, public transport has seen a massive change due to the possible threat it poses to people’s health. In fact, at the very beginning of 2021, a study showed that 67% of Europeans were far less likely to use this form of transport due to how worried they were about their health. 

For this reason, many cities invested in infrastructures to make it far easier for people riding micromobility devices to get around. There are now rental schemes for example, for e-scooters in most major UK cities. These schemes make hopping on and off an e-scooter really easy.

Is it Near Me?

Accessibility is a massive factor that you need to consider before purchasing a PEV. In order to choose the best option for you, you will need to consider what distance you will be travelling and how you can access your device easily. Whether you are using your PEV to go to work every day or to simply travel around the city on the weekends, you will need to think about your area and how far everything is.

According to many studies, people find it easier to complete a variety of trips and errands on their PEV and find it easier to use them daily. However, you need to ensure that where you’re travelling to is nearby or that your PEV can travel longer distances.

‘First and last mile’ is a phrase that will be recognised by anyone owning a PEV. The phrase is used in connection with a commute usually, where you use your PEV to get to the train station or bus stop…and then again at the other side to get to your destination.

For first and last mile usage, there are a number of considerations. Key amongst these are the weight of your PEV. If your main usage is first and last mile, then you should consider a lighter PEV that doesn’t need the range of a heavier alternative.

Sharing the Ride

While there are many excellent and cost-effective PEVs out there for your consideration, they still evoke some doubts when it comes down to storage, battery life, maintenance, and especially price. In fact, due to their increased performance over the years, they have become a bit more expensive over time. 

This means that not only can they be expensive to buy upfront, but they can also be hard to leave anywhere due to the risk of people stealing them. However, this is where a perspective on sharing your PEV comes into play. By sharing your device with other riders, riders can share the upfront cost and ownership responsibility of owning a PEV without the upfront investment . 

The best way to find out about sharing is through a social media group. There are groups dedicated to each type of PEV, and they are usually location-specific so you should have little problem in finding someone to share with near to where you live. Here are a couple of great social groups for EUC owners: https://www.feedspot.com/infiniterss.php?_src=feed_title&followfeedid=5347969&q=site:https%3A%2F%2Fwww.scootershack.co.uk%2Fforums%2F-%2Findex.rss https://scootertalk.org/forum/

Keep it Green, Keep it Clean

As time goes by, PEVs are being seen as a green option. Obviously, this is a massive motivator for PEV ownership. In fact, according to many studies, PEVs have a stronger environmental friendly choice than any other way to get around. Not only do you get to ride in style, but you can do it with a lower impact on the environment in mind. 

Combined with many other sustainable modes of transport, PEVs further contribute to a user’s commitment to a healthier, low-impact lifestyle. For this very reason, it is essential to encourage people to opt for PEV ownership as a way to get around as opposed to any traditional ways that heavily impact the environment in a negative way.

Renting Vs Owning

As we touched on earlier, PEV ownership isn’t the only option. There are many rental schemes, and companies like e-RIDES who will help you out, particularly if you are looking for a ‘try before you buy’ option. If this idea appeals, why not get in touch? +44 (0) 20 3633 9748