Protective Gear and Accessories For the Electric Scooter or Electric Unicycle

There are a lot of different types of protective gear and accessories available for the use of the electric scooter and electric unicycle. Many electric riders (e-riders) operate devices that travel upwards of 20 mph. These personal travel devices are powered and enhanced machines, so there is a major risk when people who ride these devices do so without paying attention to their safety and protection.

Electric scooters and unicycles create activities involving speed and precision that travel faster than an average human can run. It goes without saying that anyone operating a device like this needs to take necessary precautions. There is a range of protective gear and accessories to choose from on In this article, we’re sharing our top recommendations with you.

Electric Scooter and Unicycle Protective Gears and Accessories on

In e-RIDES’ opinion, the most essential gear when riding an Electric Unicycle or Electric Scooter is a good quality helmet. Many electric riders (e-riders) choose downhill mountain biking or moto-cross helmets. Our favourite helmets include LEATT’s MTB 4.0 Down Hill Helmet, and Kali’s Carbon Pulse Helmet. They are super lightweight, durable and contain technology that will significantly reduce impact forces.

Other protective gear and accessories include body armour, elbow guards, shin/knee guards, hard heeled shoes and hard-shell backpack with spine protection. It is not essential to have all of them, but a pair of solid padded knee guards such as LEATT’s Shin and Knee Guard 3.0 EXT are a must if you plan to ride faster than running speed. In the unfortunate event of a fall from an electric unicycle, the knees are often most susceptible to injury. 

Body Armour Protective Gear and Accessories

e-RIDES recommends:

Our first choice of body protector is the  Leatt Body Protector 3DF AirFit Hybrid. We found this body protector to be lightweight, made from flexible and comfortable materials. It is CE certified and features impact protection of the chest, back, elbows and shoulders.

Our runner up is the Leatt Chest Protector 3.5.  The Chest Protector 3.5 combines hard shell armour and 3DF AirFit ventilated soft impact foam to deliver CE certified level 1 protection to the chest and back. It achieves both FIM and FFM certification. It is ideal for multiple e-riding purposes such as mountain biking, motor cross, fast electric scooter riding, and the electric unicycle. It can be easily worn over your riding clothes or underneath them. It comes in black, blue and white colour options.

Elbow Guard Protective Gear and Accessories

e-RIDES recommends:

The Leatt Elbow Guard 3DF 6.0  protection has one of the highest safety ratings on the market. A CE approved, soft elbow protection with a top layer made of a hard plastic composite layer, it is outfitted with a 3DF AirFit impact foam that hardens instantly on impact. It also comes in white, blue, and black colour choices.

The Kali Strike Elbow Guard is our runner up in the elbow pad category. It is made with soft material and convenient slip-on sleeve design. Ideally, it is best worn under your riding clothes. However, if you plan to ride in the summer or in a hot climate, you can wear it the other way around.

Other Protective Gear and Accessories

e-Rides’ recommends:

The Leatt Knee guard Dual Axis is Pivoting Hard Shell Knee and Shinguard is top quality and reasonably priced. The Dual Axis construction allows for flexibility around the knees and better freedom of movement when the knee bends. It comes in black and white colour.

The DBX 3.0s Flat Pedal Shoes are made from water-resistant synthetic leather. It will keep your feet dry from rain, but the most important feature is the protective reinforcements over the toe and heel. The DBX 3.0 also comes with a super gripping sole. It is available in colours green and grey.

According to Point 65, the Boblbee Hardshell Back Pack is up to 93% impact reduction with an average of just 3,4kN of force transfer. The Boblebee backpack has the highest impact reduction of any spine protector in the world. It comes in several colours including white, red black and yellow.

Reflective vests and safety indicators like the Indik8a help you to be more visible. This is crucial because for e-riders, ‘to be seen is to be safe’.

Some e-riders may find it intimidating or bothersome to wear many separate protective gear and accessories. Short rides to the corner shops to buy groceries may become embarrassing. There’s a simple way to solve this problem. One alternative is the skin-tight suit, such as the LEATT’s 3DF Hybrid Jacket. This can be worn beneath an outdoor jacket.

Another and more interesting option is armoured jackets. Yes I said armoured jackets. The armoured jackets appear like normal jackets but contain concealed essential protection (for chest, back shoulder, elbow) in the form of removable certified pads. The jacket can be easily put on and taken off with no fuss, and form part of your everyday wardrobe, allowing you to blend in, anytime, anywhere, and any day, with your electric scooter or unicycle.

e-Rides is in partnership with the widely popular safety brand, Lazyrolling. They are soon to launch a number of reflective armoured jackets, featuring different protection levels and showing various colours. Watch this space

e-Rides Protective Set Bundle

Because we understand how daunting and time-consuming it is to do the research to find the right protective gears and accessories, we came up with a way to solve this challenge, once and for all. The Protective Set Bundle is a pack that contains a helmet, body protector, impact reduction pants, knee and chin pads, elbow guard and riding shoes. With this, you’re all set. Pick up your bundle and you’re good to go for that ride.

We’re in it for the fun riding e-rides, however, we’re also about the safety. Your safety is important to us. So have fun, but protect yourself from all possible harm.