Best Electric Unicycle 2022

The electric unicycle, e-unicycle or just ‘EUC’ is a self-balancing one wheel electrically powered micro mobility device, not to be confused with the hoverboard or the Onewheel, can have a range of up to 70 miles, some even up to 100miles. Therefore, having the potential to be classified as an all-mile vehicle.

We at have known of the potential of e-unicycles for years now, and we can tell you they will only get more popular the more people realise how practical and fun they are compared to other forms of micro mobility.

The e-unicycle has been commercially available for almost a decade, but they are about to really take off in 2022.

So, what are the e-unicycles to get and which ones are still relevant in 2022?

Begode mten3

Begode Gotway Mten3 electric unicycle

One of (if not the best) first and last mile e-unicycles available on the market and can fit into your backpack. If you are looking for a fun, and most practical ewheel on the planet. this is the one to get. Great performance in a small package.

Inmotion V8F/ V8S


The bestselling e-unicycle ever made. The Inmotion V8 series, either in the V8F/S variants are extremely sort after due to their combination of build quality, best in class trolley handle for practicality, and weight. Looking for a practical first and last mile vehicle that is reliable great build quality and easy to carry? The Inmotion V8F/S is the one to go for.

Inmotion V10F 

Inmotion V10F Electric Unicycle

The bigger sibling to the V8F and V8S. More battery means more range but also more weight. If you want a well put together product, and performance isn’t necessarily the top priority, the V10F is the one to go for. Inherits all of the great features of the V8F/S but in a bigger case with more range. 

Begode MCM5


A rocket of an e-unicycle in a small package. More performance than you can wish for its size and weight. Easy to maintain and service with decent range. Ideal for those that want performance but want to save weight. One of our all-time favourite first and last mile vehicle.

Begode Tesla V3

Begode (Gotway) tesla v3 side profile

A fast and fun e-unicycle, comes with less amenities compared to the Inmotions, but with more performance and range for its size. The MCM5 bigger sibling in every way. The motor in the Tesla V3 is one of the smoothest accelerations you will find in any electric unicycle to date. You need a wheel that has range and speed, but don’t care too much for the bells and whistles of the more polished Inmotion V10F.

Inmotion V11

inmotion V11 electric unicycle

One of the best all-rounder electric unicycles for moderate beginners to mid-level riders. A suspension wheel with great build quality and adequate power for cruising at 30/35mph. If you want to cruise around and not worry about potholes, the Inmotion V11 is the wheel for you.

Begode RS19

Begode (Gotway) RS19 Electric Unicycle (Speed Version)

One of the fastest e-unicycles available. Pound for pound the best performance and range for the price. Comes in Torque variant for better hill climbing ability, and Speed variant for higher top speed but less torque for climbing incline of 30 plus degrees. An all time classic, direct lineage from the MSX and MSP line. The RS19 has been refined over the years to become the go to performance wheel for all enthusiasts.

Inmotion V12


In the e-unicycle industry you have the choice of better build quality or performance, usually not the two. With the Inmotion v12, we now have the option of both performance and build quality. Known to be the fastest 16 inch wheel as of 2021. 

Kingsong S18

Kingsong S18 electric unicycle in White

Looking for an e-unicycle for rough terrain? Look no further than the King song s18. The best suspension wheel for the price. Great for jumps and city riding. 

Begode EX2S

Begode EX2S electric unicycle

The most high performance and longest range suspension e-unicycle announced in 2021/ 2022 from Begode. The EX2S is one of the truest definitions of an all mile e-unicycle with its claimed 80 miles plus range with suspension. Performance meets comfort

Begode EX.N


This is the Begode RS19 with more range and performance, with that comes higher cost. If you ever felt you need just a bit more from your RS19, then the Begode EXN could be the one for you.

Veteran Sherman Max

Veteran Sherman Electric Unicycle ewheelside view

The veteran Sherman was one of the most successful e-unicycle of the current era, the standout e-unicycle of 2021 by far. However, it lacked one thing, and that is torque for climbing steep hills and for better acceleration. This is where the Sherman Max rectifies that weak point. With more grunt off the line, it is the Sherman but with more power.

King song Eagle S22

King song eagle s20 electric unicycle

Just as with the Sherman Max, but similarly the King Song S22 has taken some of the recipe of the S18 and made it better. Bigger motor, bigger battery bigger suspension. The King Song Eagle S22 is the most anticipated wheel of 2022. With its rigid good looks, one of its kind 126V system and go everywhere deign, the Eagle S22 will be very popular in 2022.

Inmotion V13

Inmotion V13

Expected to be the fastest e-unicycle for 2022 from Inmotion. Comes with suspension on a 20inch platform. This e-unicycle is expected to break technological boundaries for performance and build quality.