What are the Top Five EUCs to consider in 2022/23…and why are they so great?

We know that the most popular doesn’t always mean the best, but our top five EUCs are our best-sellers for a reason. At e-RIDES we know why some of our EUCs are incredibly popular – because they do certain things really, really well!

There are lots of factors that will sway your decision on which EUC to buy. Reviews…what your friends ride…looks…brand…specification; they are all important.

In this article, we are taking a look at e-RIDES’ five best-selling EUCs to help you understand how they are different from each other, and what you should be considering if you are in the market for your own EUC.

This piece is written with the most expensive EUC first…and the least expensive last. We’ve also included a comparison table for these five at the end of the article to help you compare them side by side.

Do remember though that we are EUC fanatics at e-RIDES – so please get in touch if you want any additional information about the top five EUCs, opinion, or to book a test ride.

Top five EUCs No. 1: Begode MASTER

Begode Master3 A top five EUC
Begode Master: A fantastic top of the range EUC

We begin near the top of the tree! The Begode MASTER is a massively spec’d machine, which delivers without compromise. If you are looking for an all-singing all-dancing wheel, then the Begode MASTER should be on your list. It is simply one of the most powerful EUCs on the planet.

Massive Motor? Check. Great looks? Absolutely. Is it fast? What do you think?!

Whenever we take a MASTER out, it guarantees a smile each time. And we know that when we’re setting off, pretty much any terrain is up for grabs. There’s not a lot that the MASTER cannot handle.

This monster is not for the beginner; however if you are more experienced and looking for the biggest thrill, then the Begode MASTER should be on your list for a test-ride. 


  • Very fast
  • Adjustable suspension
  • Looks fantastic
  • High spec
  • Looks fantastic


  • Not the cheapest
  • Heavy to move when not riding

Top five EUCs No. 2:Kingsong S22 Eagle

Kingsong S22 Electric Unicycle

We LOVE the S22 Eagle here at e-RIDES. It looks fantastic, with an epoch-defining design that is sure to be a future classic. We had to wait some time for it to appear…but when it did, it didn’t disappoint.

It’s not all about the looks though – the Eagle really performs. Not a starter wheel, the Eagle is packed with tech and performance including suspension, a high power/ high torque motor, adjustable power pads, a built-in stand and headlights that can pivot. It’s powerful too, sporting a 3,300W motor. So, it’s an EUC that feels future-proofed; it’s packed with the latest tech.

We’re a huge fan of Kingsong’s EUCs – their less expensive options are all great too. However, the Eagle flies at the top of the current Kingsong range, and rightly so. It will gain you admirers when you are moving and when you’re stationary!


  • Huge performance
  • Good range
  • Suspension for a smooth ride
  • Large wheel for comfort
  • Amazing looks
  • Adjustable suspension


  • A heavy wheel to move around when not riding
  • Not the cheapest

Top five EUCs No. 3:Inmotion V12

V12ht 4

No guide to the top five EUCs would be complete without an Inmotion. Inmotion have an enviable reputation for great looking EUCs that don’t cost the earth. Our pick of the bunch is the V12, which caused a real stir when it was launched. 

The Inmotion V12 is a great mix of affordability and performance. It’s a mid-level EUC that doesn’t compromise on spec. It sports a powerful 2,500W motor which delivers speed and torque. You can trust this wheel to deal with most terrains; however if the V12 is simply for ‘last mile’ use, then it will get you there in style, every time.

There’s not much that we don’t like about the V12. Ok, so it doesn’t feature suspension, but this means it is lighter that EUCs that do, so the motor will work more efficiently. This translates into speed and range for the user.

We would definitely suggest you test ride the V12 and we’d be certain it won’t disappoint.


  • Powerful 2500W motor
  • Fast Touch-sensitive LCD screen
  • Does everything really well!


  • A bit expensive if considered entry level

Top five EUCs No. 4:Kingsong KS-16X

Kingsong KS-16X Electric Unicycle Side View

The 2nd Kingsong model to feature on our list is the KS-16X. ‘16’ here refers to the size of the tyre’s diameter in inches. In the case of the 16X, the tyre is extra wide too.

The 16X is an entry to mid-level machine – a real all-rounder. It is great for beginners or advanced riders alike. This Kingsong features a 2000W motor, so you won’t be lacking for power. But it works efficiently, and has a good range.

There are some nice features too, like ambient light sensors. Best of all though is the ride…we don’t know how they’ve done it, but the guys at Kingsong have come up with something that handles brilliantly, is responsive and comfortable over longer trips.

What’s not to love?


  • Powerful 2200W motor
  • Long Range
  • Great lighting
  • Superb chassis


  • Quite pricey for a beginner wheel

Top five EUCs No. 5:Kingsong KS-14D

Kingsong 14D Side picture

Unashamedly aimed at the beginner market, the Kingsong 14D is practical, low cost and very easy to ride. The 14D is built around its 14 inch diameter wheel, which makes this wheel incredibly easy to control. It is a relatively low-spec machine, but this means that maintenance is super easy, and it will be reliable, too.

If you are looking for a starter wheel, or simply something that will deliver every time with the minimum amount of fuss, then look no further than the Kingsong 14D. It handles brilliantly and gives you great feedback through the chassis so that you will always feel in control.


  • Decent range for a smaller battery
  • Well built
  • Very nippy around town
  • Lightweight


  • Not the fastest
  • Load limit of 113kg
  • Inexpensive
 Begode MasterKingsong S22 EagleInmotion V12Kingsong KS-16XKingsong KS-14D
Wheel diameter20″20″16″16″14″
Lights4 pcs LED 7000 LumenYes12WFront and Rear LEDFront and Rear LED
RangeUp to 60 milesUp to 60 milesUp to 50 milesUp to 50 milesUp to 20 miles
Suspensionyes, adjustableYesNoNoNo
LCD ScreenYesYesTouch SensitiveNoNo

Please note all of these specifications are from the manufacturer.
Range should be treated as an absolute maximum and will reduce under certain conditions.

We hope you have enjoyed this guide to the top five EUCs…do get in touch for further information!