Why You Should Get an Electric Unicycle


What is an electric unicycle?

Also known as an EUC, the electric unicycle is a one-wheel self-balancing device powered by batteries. Similar to Segway devices, this monowheel uses a gyroscope to maintain balance. Riders can control the speed and the direction of the EUCs by leaning forward and backwards or shifting the weight of the body between the feet.

In recent years, electric unicycles are fast becoming one of the preferred choices of personal transport devices, thanks to its portability, speed, range and stability. 

In comparison to other forms of Personal Light Electric Vehicles (PLEVs) such as electric scooters, one-wheels, electric skateboards and hoverboards, electric unicycles often have longer travel range, higher stop-speed, better portability and stability due to the tyre size.

Eight Reasons Why You Should Get an Electric Unicycle Today

There are many reasons for choosing an electric unicycle (EUCs) over other forms of personal transport devices. We listed a few here:

  1. Longer travel range.  Some electric unicycles such as the Veteran Sherman can go as far as 100 miles on one single charge due to its large battery size and capacity.
Veteran Sherman electric unicycle
Veteran Sherman
  1. Superior performance/speed/torque. On average, electric unicycles can accelerate quicker than most Personal Light Electric Vehicles (PLEVs). Some advanced models reach over 50 km/hour within a few seconds. Even though not every rider looks for top speed in a micro-mobility device (and it is not really recommendable to travel at top speed), speed is actually a safety feature, as the ability for quick acceleration allows riders to get out of sticky situations quickly and safely.  Riders can also extract more torque out of electric unicycles which are generally better at climbing hills than electric scooters. Models such as the Kingsong 16X and Gotway Begode RS19 High Torque are exceptional for that.
Kingsong 16X
  1. Portability and storage ease.  Useful features such as trolley handles and carry bars allow the electric unicycles to be rolled around like a suitcase or carried onto buses and trains, and seamlessly integrate into the public transportation system.

The fact that most EUCs are smaller than a small suitcase means it is possible to tuck it under a dining table or even take it into a bathroom, so it never has to leave your side in public places.  Riders no longer need to worry about security. Smaller wheels such as the Gotway Mten3 can even be put into a backpack.  When not in use, it can be put on a EUC stand or leaned against a wall, taking up very minimal space.  

Begode Gotway Mten3 electric unicycle
Gotway Begode Mten3 in Black
  1. Stability/comfort. In comparison to electric scooters, electric unicycles have much larger tyres, offering more stability and smoother rides. Some of the latest models even come with suspensions such as the Inmotion V11 and Kingsoing S18 and Gotway EX.
Inmotion V11 Electric Unicycle
Inmotion V11
  1. Unique riding experience.  Although the learning curve is steeper than other PLEVs, we find that the learning experience is not much unlike that of learning to ride a bike.  It all comes down to practice. The sensation of not having to hold on to handlebars, but rather have both hands free while riding might be strange to new learners initially. It soon becomes natural and most riders have said it feels as though the wheel becomes an extension of their legs.

Some advanced riders may be able to perform tricks such as going up and down the stairs, and jumping curbs. Some riders also cite that the ability to maintain an upright posture is liberating for people suffering back pain.

  1. Manoeuvrability. One unique advantage that the EUC has over other types of personal light electric vehicles is the form factor. As a single wheel device, an electric unicycle takes about the same footprint as the person standing and riding it, therefore translating in better manoeuvrability, portability, taking less space, and therefore translating into a much shorter turning radius.
  1. Cost saving.  The electric unicycles may be more costly to purchase than electric scooters and other PLEVs but they usually last longer and are easier to maintain. EUCs are relatively simple devices with 3 components which include motor, batteries and mainboard. There are less moving parts than electric scooters, and generally cost a lot less to maintain in the long run.
  1. Useful features. EUCs are usually designed with abundant features. Riders can set speed alarms and track riding stats through apps, play music via the speakers using Bluetooth connection, customise and personalise the looks by adding a mudguard, seat, lean pads and jump pads.
  1. Most importantly, it is a lot of fun!  Yes, fun. Many journeys are reduced to a necessary and tedious activity. Driving a car in the city can be a nightmare. You have to compete for driving space, parking spaces and traffic. Riding an EUC is a lot more fun and such a freeing experience. It is like skiing on concrete all year round.

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