Hillbilly Full Finger Gloves

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Hillbilly Full Finger Gloves

Great wrist protection: Suitable for use with Electric Skateboarding, Electric Unicycle and One Wheel.

(The Full Finger HillBilly gloves finger length are on the longer side, so we recommend getting one size smaller than your normal gloves size, or see the size guide below)

Hillbilly Full Finger Wrist Guard Gloves Hillbilly’s New and Improved “Baaahd Ass!” gloves! Heavy duty. Made with goatskin and double stitched with ‘heavy doody’ nylon thread. Jason Lee, 7X BX Champ says “These gloves are the best wrist guard / glove combo I’ve ever used. That was the problem before, I used to have to put wrist guards over my gloves. Two seperate pieces. The hillbilly gloves have integrated both items. I’m psyched!”


Size Guide

  • Sizing and Fit Tips: Measure your middle finger from the webbing between the adjacent finger to the tip of the finger: XL = 3.5+ inches; L = 3-3.5 inches; M = 2.5-3 inches; S = up to 2.5 inches
  • Basic Sizing Chart: ; Measure your middle finger from the webbing between the adjacent finger to the tip of the finger.; 3.5″ + = XL; up to 3.5″ = L; up to 3″ = M; up to 2.5″ = S

10 reviews for Hillbilly Full Finger Gloves

  1. Stuart Phippen (verified owner)

    Have yet to fully test these with a fall but fit and feel are good and feel confident that they will do the job.

  2. neil mitchell (verified owner)

    Love them great fit, already saved me after a fall.

  3. euc.Serbia (verified owner)

    Perfect ones.

  4. chris gryce (verified owner)

    Good quality full hand protection. Competently priced.

  5. Werner (verified owner)

    Great stuff. Heavy quality. A little bit difficult in combination with a jacket. No chance to work with a cellular phone, no access to a touch screen

  6. andre.mostert (verified owner)

    I have been looking at these gloves for a long time but was worried that they would be too stiff as they are leather. I was surprised to find that they are not that stiff from the start. It took a few days of using to get them to even soften more and now they are perfect. The gloves worked perfect when I had a fall in the forest they protected my wrists perfect. A full review will be up on my YouTube channel.

    Great service and quick delivery from e-rides. I will use them again.

  7. Rein Sõstar (verified owner)

    Good quality, fast delivery. Thanks!

  8. Kim Dan Nguyen (verified owner)

    Le conseil de les prendre une taille en dessous est bon. Ils sont un peu rigide mais le cuir va se détendre. Les coutures sont de bonnes qualité sauf au niveau de la protection de la paume, elle est trop épaisse et fait un peu mal. Dernière chose, ils ne sont pas tactiles pour nos smartphone. Mais merci à l’équipe pour leur précieux conseil.

  9. Richard Sherwin (verified owner)

    Saves a lot of time and hassle having to put wrist guards over gloves.
    Feel protective enough (not had to test it yet luckily).
    The build quality is good, with a strong guard and leather on the palms and cover ends in case of a fall.
    My only criticism is that they feel like a pair of builders/gardeners gloves. Coming from a motorcycle point of view with high quality gloves they feel a bit lacking. Still you’d be paying 3X plus for that privilege. On a positive to this they are. It lined so won’t be too hot in summer.
    Purchased a pair for my wife too so they are well worth the asking price.

  10. Aidan Smyth (verified owner)

    I think these are very good quality, I’m sorry I didn’t buy a large pair ,because they are pretty hard to put on because the velcro is only contacting 50%,its funny but the first few times I put them on I thought this is too much hassle, and you need to take them off to use your phone,but now I just put them on and forget about the phone,if I need to check phone I stop and take one off,and I think this is safer then checking on the move

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